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New Release: Midgard Sagas

Midgard Sagas presents six 5th Edition adventures for characters from levels 3 to 8. All six adventures were originally designed to be playable in a convention time slot of four to six hours, so they’re packed with fast action. Mystery & Death Stalk Midgard!

Welcome to Midgard: Free Cantons of the Ironcrags

Dwarves think of their canton first, their race or clan second. The canton is home and hearth, family and wealth, and safety from an uncaring world. These traits do not guarantee greater harmony or joy among cantonal dwarves than among other races. Indeed, cantonal dwarves are notoriously dour, fractious, and opinionated about everything. Cantonal dwarves …

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Dungeons of Midgard: Excavation of the River Dragon

Adventure for Level 6 characters. In the underground depths—roughly below the region around Smoltenberg—deeper even than the mines dug out by dwarves, there is abandoned trading outpost beside an underground river, a far-reaching tributary of the Blackjet River. Once, not so long ago, this place served as the home for a prosperous community of dark …

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Creature Codex: Alnaar (Demon)

The creature resembles a great blackened asp with smoldering skin and white-hot serpentine eyes. It slithers as confidently through the air as across the ground. Serpent of Suffering. Alnaar demons appear most commonly when a people, race, or species is experiencing suffering. There to hasten the process, the alnaar erupts from the Abyss, leaving massive …

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Con Report: Gamehole Con

Gamehole Con! Hello, Madison! Just a few quick snaps of the Kobold booth. Lots of magical tomes available here, including some rare gems like limited edition, leatherette  copies of the Midgard Worldbook, Creature Codex, and shockingly, Southlands. Plus issues of Warlock and so much more. Not to mention real live kobolds. (Come say “Hi!”)

On the Road with Phileus J. Abbertale: Fire and Ice

Alas, it has been a pleasure to share my exploits and insights over the past several months with you, my dear readers. My journal pages have taken us across the breadth of Midgard from the soaring peaks to the scorching sands. Therefore, it only seems fitting for us to part company with a celebration at …

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Midgard Heroes: Greenleaf College

The Greenleaf College was founded by elfmarked who sought to record their varied heritage. Drawing from elven lore and power, Greenleaf bards strengthen their connection to nature. Through their magic and their tales, they convey the rejuvenating strength of the forests and rivers to their allies. [From the Midgard Heroes Handbook…]

Midgard Sagas Wallpapers

It’s November! So here’s a set of wallpapers for your computer, your smartphone, or whatever electronic device you’ve got. This month we tease the upcoming Midgard Sagas, by artist M. Wayne Miller. Bring on that weird winged tentacled beast thing!          

The Sorcery Stop: Apostles of Oblivion

Magic is the lifeblood of fantasy. Arguably the dividing line between fantasy and other types of fiction, magic can be strange, mysterious, frightening, comical, and anything in between. So if you’re looking to explore the applications of magic in a fantasy roleplaying campaign, you want to visit the Sorcery Stop! Followers of Death Death cults …

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Tales of the Old Margreve: Baba Yaga

“The Margreve came before such recent inventions as gods and spells and names and language.” (Baba Yaga) The stories and legends of the Old Margreve invariably turn their attention to Grandmother—or Baba Yaga. The denizens of the forest often feel Baba Yaga’s eyes upon them while they travel under the canopy. Sages, scholars, and madmen …

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