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New Paths Compendium Kickstarter Launch

New Paths Compendium Kickstarter An updated, reorganized, much expanded, full color, hardcover version of the New Paths Compendium has been a long time coming. Brand new classes, archetypes, feats, and spells. And here’s the Kickstarter for it! It started from humble enough beginnings. Way back in 2009, the spell-less ranger appeared in Kobold Quarterly #11, and …

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Mharoti Master Chef: A Background

Food, an essential—and delicious—component of life. Those that can work its magic are highly valued in any culture. Fine victuals are cherished in politics, business, and religion throughout Midgard, and you aspired to no less than the exceptional and the exotic. You were destined for more than lording over a three-star Trioloan restaurant or cooking aboard a luxury Siwali …

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Walk the Path of the Trickster

Most tricksters are two steps ahead of the competition. A few know how to win before the race even begins! The trickster is a new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible class which combines arcane magic with roguish skills. Use your special Forte ability to perform incredible acrobatics, summon a magical familiar to act as an accomplice, …

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Statue of Knight at gate of Dalešice Chateau, Třebíč District - Jiří Sedláček - Frettie

Oath of the Watchers

The Oath of the Watchers originated in the dawn of civilization, although exactly where and when is a matter of debate. The Watchers stood on the walls of the first city and guarded the first monarchs. They are charged with defense of their charges over all else. Many who swear this oath are devoted to …

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Jan Matejko - Astronomer Copernicus Conversation with God

Astronomer’s Assistant (Apprentice): A Fifth Edition Background

Yours was to be the limitless heavens. As your master before you, you set your course to become a great navigator and cartographer of the stars and astral bodies. Later you would evolve into a revered soothsayer, advisor to kings and historians, or a renowned researcher and academician for the great churches, colleges, and wizards’ …

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The Devil and Tom Walker, The Flight, John Quidor

The Devil’s Own

Most people will pay lip service to the idea that tieflings aren’t inherently evil. That these men and women, whose forms have been twisted by an infernal lineage, can turn their backs on the darkness that has seeped into their blood. Many of them do just that, by using their innate powers to fight against …

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Johann Peter Krafft - Manfred

Rare Magic: The Magician, a Fifth Edition Wizard

Magicians are performers and charlatans of the highest caliber, fooling even the most seasoned warlock or witch into believing they perform real magic. In actuality, their powers are far more mundane, but no less clever. They rely on sleight of hand, optical illusions, and the power to mystify through grandiose speeches and gestures. Only they …

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Caspar David Friedrich

Rare Magic: The Wildling, a Fifth Edition Druid

Wildlings are those who have made the wilderness their home, whether by choice or by circumstance. Rather than draw upon magic, the wildlings’ power comes from their ability to blend into the wild, to mimic the form of its many creatures, and to use the wilderness to their tactical advantage.

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