Tome of Beasts 2: Lairs Now Available on Fantasy Grounds

MONSTERS ON THE PROWL Tome of Beasts 2: Lairs is now available on Fantasy Grounds! Savage beasts mauling a mountaintop temple. A river tomb of lurking horrors. A shrine infested with hungry undead. Inside, you’ll find these adventures and 11 more! Created for the 5th Edition of the world’s first roleplaying game, these 14 standalone, …

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Midgard Chronicles: A New Branch on the Old World Tree

Now, I only ever play in home games, but I’m thrilled for this avenue for more people to discover the wonders of Midgard, so no complaints here. But I’ll be looking at Warduke’s first adventures as relates to my own in-home play. And with that, I’d recommend everyone at least download the FREE Primer and …

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VTT Tips: Sharing Kobold Press Content with Your Players

Prerequisite A Roll 20 Base, Plus, or Pro account.  One or more purchased Kobold Press items eligible for sharing. The list currently includes: Deep Magic, Midgard Heroes Handbook, Underworld Player’s Guide, and Margreve Player’s Guide How to Share Log in to Roll 20, and click Games > My Games. Click the name of the game …

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Rogue’s Gallery: Wraithstrider

Living Shadow. While seeking an end to their indenture, Wraithstrider’s dreams were haunted by an unknown being of liquid darkness. The thing offered them power and freedom from the Master’s chains in exchange for the completion of an occasional task. Now Wraithstrider haunts the mountain’s environs doing what they’re good at: making people feel safe …

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Art of Skirmishing: Synthesis

While manipulating the encounter difficulty chart is a simple way to indicate how factors affect combat difficulty, it’s also imprecise, doesn’t have many gradations, and can be misleading. It still has its uses in adjusting the broad overview of an encounter but is less useful for dealing with more granular modifications, like how NPC roles …

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Kobold Press and Shard Tabletop: An Epic Alliance!

A long-buried secret, unearthed at last… Kobold Press is delighted to announce a partnership with Shard Tabletop, a new virtual gaming platform, and we’re bringing all the best content the scaly critters have to offer! Swarms of incredible creatures, libraries of thrilling adventures, hoards of priceless treasures—everything you expect from Kobold Press at your fingertips …

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The Ratatosk: Culture and Society

Ratatosk Culture and Society Unlike the common Midgardian squirrel, ratatosk are not solitary creatures, and they live in close matriarchal family groups called scurries. The squirrel-folk are proud of their heritage, and each ratatosk can proudly recite tales of their scurry back to the first squirrel, Ratatosk the Clever. The eldest female of each scurry …

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Hiring Update: Coming Full Circle

It’s a brand new year, and there’s a brand new face wandering the warrens! I’m Thomas, the new Editorial Director at Kobold Press. I am absolutely thrilled to be stepping into this role, for it very much feels like coming full circle.

Tome Unbound: Fleshspurned

Frightful Chatter. The fleshspurned clashes its oversize teeth together to create a menacing din. Each creature within 30 feet of the fleshspurned must succeed on a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw or be frightened for 1 minute. Incorporeal undead are not immune to the frightened condition inflicted by the fleshspurned’s chatter. A frightened creature can …

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Secrets of the Emerald Order: Agents and Operatives

THE APPROPRIATOR An appropriator is sent by the Emerald Order to obtain important information and items by any means necessary. The appropriator is as much a skilled merchant as professional burglar, and if one method fails, they will use the other to ensure the order has what it wants. A magic sigil, tattooed upon the …

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City of Cats Wallpapers

It’s a brand-new year, and everyone’s gaming! So here’s a purrr-fect set of wallpapers for your computer, your smartphone, or whatever electronic device you’ve got. This month, we’ve got a piece from City of Cats (artist Mateusz Wilma). Let’s go exploring, adventurers! Please, click on the image you want to download to expand it into a downloadable …

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One-on-One Roleplaying: Problems to Plan for and Avoid in Your One-on-One Game

This post covers several of the conceptual adjustments that GMs can make in order to adapt 5E rules and table dynamics to parties of two. We discuss the foundation for these shifts first—cooperation at the table between the player and the GM. Then we dive into some of the most difficult situations to navigate—PC death …

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Southlands Kickstarter: Final Hours

Do you hear that belching sound coming from the warrens? No, that’s not the kobolds making rude noises—it’s the marker of only two days remaining on the Southlands Kickstarter project! So far, you’ve blown us out of our bolt-holes with your support of the Southlands project. In addition to the Tales Beneath the Sands exclusive hardcover, you …

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Midgard Alchemy: More Potion Formulations

Here are two more magic potion/oil formulas, a feat, and some guidelines for adding ability checks to your magic item creation. Formula: Oil of Sharpness Formula, legendary To make this oil, you need simply follow these instructions: Gather 20 pounds of high-quality rust monster dung. You will need to feed the rust monster a consistent, …

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