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Serving Up the GMG

Every GM understands that every game, from the epic campaign to the Friday night one-shot, is a unique mix of gameplay, roleplaying, and design. Like baking a cake or serving up your favorite dish, the balance of ingredients makes for the most satisfying experience.

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Fungi Kingdom Sheet

This week Kobold Press decided to take one of our favorite Kingdoms of fandom lore and lay it all out on our new Kingdom Sheet, available now through our store or our current Campaign Builder: Castles & Crowns Kickstarter for free. Nothing says regal kingdom like shroom footmen, a fruit-inspired princess, and major plumbing problems.

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Kingdom Ad-Lib #1

Calling all the Regal Regents and Royal Rulers of the land! Kobold Press presents our honorary Kingdom Ad-Lib, inspired by our new book on Kickstarter: Campaign Builder: Castles & Crowns. Building on the resources and tools from the book, this Ad-Lib is designed to help you quickly develop a kingdom for the complimentary Kingdom Sheet,

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