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Deep Magic - Mountain Druid

Entering a Contest? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Gaming companies, especially Kobold Press, often hold design contests, asking contestants to submit a creature, encounter, or spell. These can be fun and exciting and a possible way to gain some attention and break into gaming publication. I managed to gain the attention of Kobold Press in 2013 by winning their Lost Magic contest. I …

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My Monster Contest

Tell us about a monster to win BOOKS! RPG monsters are the greatest thing ever! (Fight me!) For real, who doesn’t love monsters. They were literally the thing that drew me into RPGs, and there will never be enough of them. The My Monster flash monster contest is your chance to show off yours! And …

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My Hero Contest: Winner

And the Winner Is…! Drogas Greycastle: Half-orc paladin of Lathander. Intended to avenge his fallen wife, instead saved the world. His teenage daughter’s a blood hunter—it’s complicated.

Dice of Doom Contest: The Winner

And the Winner Is… The winner of our Dice of Doom contest, the gamer with the bragging rights to Best Kobold Dice Pic of 2016™, the roller that Kobold fans all over the world voted for, and the one that will be winning even more dice because of it…

Real Steel: Blade of Ancient Visions

And the winner is… Anthony Jennings! His Blade of Ancient Visions has stolen the hearts—and minds!—of all that would look upon it. And now this blade crafted by the hands of Todd Gdula can go on to speak to a new wielder with its wondrous visions and whispers. (Well, when you’re paranoid, you’re never alone, right?)

Real Steel: Contest Finalists

Arr! And ia ia! It’s that day on Real Steel when we announce the finalists to our contest. Finalists The five finalists—Blade of Ancient Visions, Cutlass of the Eldritch Deeps, Cutlass of the Shattered Mind, Eye of the Deep One, and R’lyeh’s Gaze—are listed below. Please, vote for your favorite in the poll at the end. Polls close on …

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Lethal Lairs

Lethal Lairs Contest Winner

Congratulations go to James J. Haeck, who wrote the Monument to the Thunderer Lethal Lair! Excellent job, James! Again, many thanks go to all who submitted entries, plus our judges and kobold supporters out there for looking over the entries and helping decide who designed the most lethal lair for this contest!

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