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Expanding Codex: Flame-Scourged Scion

Alternate Traits and Actions The following changes allow GMs to alter a flame-scourged scion without modifying its challenge rating. Blight Burst (Recharge 6). The flame-scourged scion showers the area around itself with the ooze leaking from its skin. Each creature within 10 feet of the flame-scourged scion must make a DC 18 Constitution saving throw, …

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Expanding Codex: Gloomflower

Alternate Traits and Actions The following changes allow GMs to alter a gloomflower without modifying its challenge rating. Focused Scream. Whenever the gloomflower takes damage, if the creature dealing the damage is within range of the gloomflower’s blindsight, the creature must succeed on a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw or take 10 (3d6) psychic damage.

Tome of Beasts: Dogmole Juggernaut

Hide armor and scraps of mail are nailed onto this scarred and tattooed mole-like beast. A ring of tentacles sprouts above its mouth, which is dominated by spade-like incisors. The beast has no visible ears and only tiny, cataract-filled eyes. Blood and foam fleck from its tentacled maw.

Tome of Beasts: Goat-Man

This hunched, man-like figure lurches with a strange, half-hopping gait. Tattered clothing hangs from its muscled shoulders, and its legs are those of a ram, ending in cloven hooves.

The Dairy Fairy

Virtual Gary Con was a blast! Thank you to everyone who participated and who watched our panels! For those who missed the panels live, they’re available on our Youtube channel.

Tome of Beasts: Kikimora

This strange-looking humanoid combines the features of an old crone and some manner of bird. A shawl covers her head but cannot contain her prominent beak and clawed hands. Her skirt reveals bird-like feet.

Tome of Beasts: Owl Harpy

This winged woman’s face is wreathed in a headdress of feathers; her luminous eyes and aquiline nose lend beauty to her feral demeanor. Her sharp, taloned feet seem even more inhuman by comparison.

Tome of Beasts: Rusalka

A barefoot woman with long hair and almost transparent skin sits upon a willow branch. Her hair and clothing are wet, as if she has just returned from a swim. Her smile seems friendly enough.

Tome of Beasts: Treacle

A curious bunny, an abandoned infant, or a delicate songbird can spell slow and agonizing death for the unprepared. Beneath any of these facades may lurk a treacle waiting to feed on a gullible victim, mewling and cooing all the while. Whether by natural selection or arcane tampering, these compact oozes prey on kindness.

Tome of Beasts: Kishi Demon

This strong and handsome warrior has a snarling hyena’s face at the back of its head. Dark Appetites. Kishi are two-faced male demons perpetually driven by their voracious appetites, carnal or otherwise, with a predilection for female humanoids. Kishi frequently behead, scalp, or skin their conquests and decorate their shields with their trophies.

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