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Con Report: MarsCon

Get Some Midgard in the Wild Are you looking for a table of Midgard-flavored gaming goodness? We’ve got tables showing up at conventions in the coming months. GM and designer Mike McKeown is going to be running “Madman at the Bridge” and “Debt of Blood” at Marscon 2017 on January 13-15th, 2017—Williamsburg, VA—Tidewater Virginia’s longest …

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Con Report: Strategicon

Nick Milasich ran a couple sessions of “The Madman at the Bridge” from Tales of Zobeck at this year’s Strategicon Gamex 2016 in Los Angeles. Prizes were given, pics were taken, and great fun was had by all! Thanks, Nick! Looks like so much fun and wish we could have joined in.

Gen Con: The Pics

Gen Con has been a whirlwind adventure. And winning the ENnie for the 2016 Silver for Best Setting for the Southlands Campaign Setting is truly wonderful! Thanks to everyone who voted. But the shenanigans are far from over yet. More soon…!

Con Report: Shadows of the Dusk Queen

Paizocon may be over, but our enjoyment of it certainly is not! Mike Welham braved the lovely weather and terrific gamers of the Northwest to run Shadows of the Dusk Queen for some Pathfinders ready for action. Sounds like they had a wonderfully fun time—and even had a surprise teammate in the form of artist Bryan Syme. Needless to say, there are …

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