Kobold Press and Foundry Partnership for Tome of Beasts

We know our customers have different preferences when it comes to running virtual games. With that consideration in mind, Kobold Press is excited to announce two inaugural products for the Foundry VTT platform.  Starting today, you can visit the Kobold Press store and pick up Foundry content keys for the Tome of Beasts and the …

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Happy 15th, Kobold Press!

Celebrate 15 years of trapsmithing, RPGs, and artisanal kazoo manufacturing with us! Yes, Kobold Press hits the big “one-five.” Enjoy a special promotion for the Kobold Store and all-day special programming on our Twitch channel. More kobold wonder and daring on its way!!

Tome of Beasts 2: Lairs Now Available on Fantasy Grounds

MONSTERS ON THE PROWL Tome of Beasts 2: Lairs is now available on Fantasy Grounds! Savage beasts mauling a mountaintop temple. A river tomb of lurking horrors. A shrine infested with hungry undead. Inside, you’ll find these adventures and 11 more! Created for the 5th Edition of the world’s first roleplaying game, these 14 standalone, …

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Kobold Press and Shard Tabletop: An Epic Alliance!

A long-buried secret, unearthed at last… Kobold Press is delighted to announce a partnership with Shard Tabletop, a new virtual gaming platform, and we’re bringing all the best content the scaly critters have to offer! Swarms of incredible creatures, libraries of thrilling adventures, hoards of priceless treasures—everything you expect from Kobold Press at your fingertips …

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Hiring Update: Coming Full Circle

It’s a brand new year, and there’s a brand new face wandering the warrens! I’m Thomas, the new Editorial Director at Kobold Press. I am absolutely thrilled to be stepping into this role, for it very much feels like coming full circle.

City of Cats Wallpapers

It’s a brand-new year, and everyone’s gaming! So here’s a purrr-fect set of wallpapers for your computer, your smartphone, or whatever electronic device you’ve got. This month, we’ve got a piece from City of Cats (artist Mateusz Wilma). Let’s go exploring, adventurers! Please, click on the image you want to download to expand it into a downloadable …

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Southlands Kickstarter: Final Hours

Do you hear that belching sound coming from the warrens? No, that’s not the kobolds making rude noises—it’s the marker of only two days remaining on the Southlands Kickstarter project! So far, you’ve blown us out of our bolt-holes with your support of the Southlands project. In addition to the Tales Beneath the Sands exclusive hardcover, you …

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Expanding Codex Collection

17 variant monsters from Creature Codex, including variants for the swolbold, drakes, and unhatched  22 new magic items from the periapt of proof against lies to the firesight goggles 26 new spells including mindless vengeance and siege of iron Plus adventure hooks, 2 feats, and a ranger companion! Change up Codex monsters with alternate traits and actions, outfit your characters with …

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Southlands Kickstarter

New Southlands Monsters: 10 new monsters will be added to the Southlands Worldbook. You’ll now have even more ways to challenge your players on their trips through the Southlands! Mad Maze of the Moon Kingdom: Every backer at the $25 or higher pledge level will get a pdf copy of the Mad Maze of the Moon Kingdom adventure. …

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Give a Gift, Get a Gift

Do you know a certain scaly someone who could use a dragon’s hoard of Kobold Press products for the holidays? Do you also like to receive shiny gaming goodness for yourself? The kobolds have you covered! Now through December 15, we are offering a special $100 gift certificate. If you purchase it for someone else, you’ll receive $20 in Kobold Press store credit …

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Tome of Beasts 2

From the creators of the original Tome of Beasts! Kobold Press has wrangled a new horde of wildly original, often lethal, and highly entertaining 5E-compatible monsters to challenge new players and veterans alike.

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