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My Monster Contest Finalists

My Monster Contest Finalists

All of the My Monster entries are in and ranked, and the Kobolds have selected their favorites! Congrats to the authors of these monstrous flavors, our My Monster finalists:

  • Robert Fairbanks, Adam Meredith, Jonathan McAnulty, and John Burkett

And a huge thank you to Wolfgang Baur, Marc Radle, and Guest Kobold Extraordinaire Clinton Boomer for taking the time to judge the entries!

Now’s your chance to pick your favorite of the four to be our grand prize winner. The full text is just below, and a poll corresponding to them is below that. You have until midnight on Wednesday, October 30 (PST) to choose. Choose wisely!


  1. A tall, exquisitely-robed figure glides silently forward, hand outstretched, beckoning. You’ve never seen anything so flawless, so sensuously-beautiful, as that elegantly gesturing hand. You step forward, your comrades’ muffled warnings distant and childlike. There’s no horror when the hood falls back, only cold, reptilian perfection; six, jewel-eyed viper-heads, gleam and sway hypnotically atop writhing, serpentine-necks. Blissfully you reach-out your hand…
  2. Clad in fine clothes of black and red, this slim and tall figure steps forward. With a claw-tipped hand grasping a crossbar, he makes his eyeless marionette dance beside him. Suddenly, a chuckle escapes his fang-filled maw as he swiftly turns his caprine head. Like jack-o-lanterns in a dark void, his eyes fall on you, gleaming with cruel delight.
  3. Long, thin, and winged, like some great desiccated black mantis, atop its long neck this creature wears a ghastly mask fashioned from the dried and stretched face of a man. Black eyes glitter behind the empty eye-sockets of its macabre mask. Its wings move slowly one against another, emitting a dry, keening moan.
  4. A shadow drifts gently over the castle walls, quietly sliding over its faded banners as though cast by an unseen cloud in the midday sun. A faint shimmer traces through the shade, probing its corners before settling beneath the skull of a great beast. The shadows draw inward, learning from the old bone to forge a body of glimmering void.

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