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A Hoard Fit for a Kobold: Anthony Jennings, Real Steel Contest Winner

Just a little window into the days and nights of the Kobold Blog-Mines… Here’s a pic of Anthony Jennings, Real Steel contest winner. This talented wizard designed the fantastic Blade of Ancient Visions for the recent Real Steel contest.  Winning the contest. And this is the fat treasure pile he received. Notice the cutter from blacksmith Todd Gdula. Anthony will …

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Real Steel: Contest Finalists

Arr! And ia ia! It’s that day on Real Steel when we announce the finalists to our contest. Finalists The five finalists—Blade of Ancient Visions, Cutlass of the Eldritch Deeps, Cutlass of the Shattered Mind, Eye of the Deep One, and R’lyeh’s Gaze—are listed below. Please, vote for your favorite in the poll at the end. Polls close on …

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Real Steel: Falchion

Historically, falchion come in two basic varieties: heavy and light. The heavier type arrived earlier and is a somewhat crudely made, heavy, cleaver-like sword. The lighter type is a longer and more finely made sword. They appeared in the eleventh century and persisted into the sixteenth century. Very few originals have survived to the present …

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Real Steel: ABS Journeyman Smith Performance Test

The American Bladesmith Society was founded to promote the art and science of the forged blade. It provides resources for bladesmithing students, as well as a rating system for smiths and standardized testing for the achievement of those ratings. The earned ratings are Journeyman Smith and Master Smith. There is also an Apprentice Smith rating, …

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Real Steel: Spiked Targe

Whether called target, targa, targo, or targe, it’s a round shield ranging from approximately 18”–21” in diameter, used by infantry forces in various European armies from the 13th through the 16th centuries. Constructed of wood and usually wrapped with leather or rawhide, it was designed for close quarters combat and offered good protection for its …

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Real Steel: Mjolnir

Mjolnir. The name conjures images of godly strife, powerful storms, and supernatural battles. This is something my brother, David, and I had wanted to do for a long time. Some of you followed or backed our Kickstarter. Thank you! For those that didn’t, this is how I made Mjolnir. The Process For this project, David …

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