The new Kobold Press store is cleaner, easier to use, and more secure. But change can be hard and we’ve made a lot of changes. We’re sure you’ve got some questions about it, so check out our F.A.Q. to get answers.

What has changed on the store?

We have been using the same store system for a while and decided it was time for an upgrade. The new store is easier, more secure, and enables a lot more features. Click here to see a list of the changes. 

Questions About Transferring From The Old Store

Do I need a new account?

As part of our move, we retained customer accounts and order history. You can use your old account name to log on to the updated Kobold Press store if you had one. For security purposes, you will have to reset your password using the Reset Password Link. This will generate a reset link that gets sent to the email registered with your account.

If I didn’t have an account, how do I purchase things?

It’s easy to set up a new account. Just click on the My Account link at the top of the page and you can create a new account. If you make an order in the store, you will be prompted to make a new account before you finish your order.

Shipping Questions

What kind of shipping can I use?

The new store offers a choice of shipping options, based on product weight and location. We pull the rates directly from our associated shipping providers website. Our current options allow for USPS and UPS shipping.

Digital Files and Downloads

How many downloads do I get for each product?

ne of the changes we made providing unlimited downloads of your digital files in the new store. A record will be kept in your account and you can access it from your account link.

Is there DRM on your download files?

We do not use DRM on Kobold Press PDFs, and we do watermark them. This is in the form of a small stamp in the footer of your downloaded files with account information; a watermark does not lock down any copying, pasting, or other functions. They’re your files.

Where are my previous downloads?

The previous version of the store limited you to 5 downloads per product. We decided to remove that limit on the new store, but were unable to migrate old download records over. Too many changes to the underlying structure occurred with the migration. We’ll be keeping the old store around for a while so that you can access any remaining downloads you have from the old store. You  should be able to log in with your previous account information at the previous store.

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