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What We Make

As a publisher of tabletop roleplaying games, we have created a slew of award-winning content for roleplaying games, from tomes filled with monsters, to vaults filled with magical items, to a voluminous book of spells. We also have guides to making your own content for any roleplaying game!

Monster Books

Challenge your players with fresh new foes from our critically acclaimed monster books!

  • Tome of Beasts, Tome of Beasts 2, and Tome of Beasts 3 provide hundreds of new foes for your 5th Edition games! Use these monsters in your favorite published setting, or populate worlds of your own creation!
  • Creature Codex has you covered with nearly 400 new foes for your 5th Edition game–from acid ants and grave behemoths to void giants and zombie lords.
Tome of Beasts cover
Tome of Beasts 2 cover
Creature Codex Cover

Player Options

Create unique new characters and expand your arsenal of options with our player-focused products!

  • Deep Magic presents new spells and options for every spellcasting class! With hundreds of new spells, dozens of new subclasses, and new magical mechanics, the Deep Magic series is a great resource for every player.
  • Tome of Heroes delivers character options galore—new styles of magic, weapon options, subclasses, character races, backgrounds—and much more to expand your game in new directions!
  • Vault of Magic introduces 800 new magic items to bring wild surprises to your gaming table, from unknown potions to fabled weapons and armor to everyday magic items. There’s something here for your game—for both the heroes and the villains!
Deep Magic cover
Tome of Heroes Cover
Vault of Magic cover


Bring the action to your table with our ready-to-play adventures!

  • Scarlet Citadel Once a fortress where wizards honed their eldritch craft, the Scarlet Citadel now holds a sinister reputation. The dungeon’s well-trod stairs have seen few return from their journeys below. This is a classic-style adventure for 10 levels of play, armed with gorgeous maps and new creatures!
  • Prepared! presents a dozen short one-shot adventures for every environment, ready to use in any fantasy campaign setting, at a variety of PC levels. Never be caught without a plot again!
  • Empire of the Ghouls  is a complete campaign for characters level 1 to 13, with over 350 pages of adventure. It includes a gazetteer detailing the Ghoul Imperium in the depths of the Underworld—complete with regional and city maps—and appendices loaded with new cults, creatures, magic items, and NPCs. The adventure offers an epic journey from a small town to cultish dungeons and into the heart of the underworld!
  • Tales of the Old Margreve takes your game deep into the ancient, magical forest, with new spells, monsters, magic items, wondrous locations, a monster appendix, and twelve adventures for heroes level 1-10—over 200 pages of adventures and forest secrets!
Scarlet Citadel Cover
Empire of Ghouls cover
Prepared! cover
Tales of Old Margreve cover

Game Master Guides

Featuring practical essays from industry legends and roadmaps for all aspects of gameplay, the Kobold Guide series equips you with everything you need to jump into the role of Game Master—or sharpen existing skills!

  • Kobold Guide to Gamemastering presents advice from master GMs and storytellers about solo campaigns, shy players, cell phones, and making rulings on the fly. Are you unprepared for the game you’re running half an hour from now? Did you accidentally kill all the PCs? Do you want to run a game for kids? Did the plot take a sudden turn and the PCs have gone into uncharted territory? We’ve got you covered.
  • Kobold Guide to Monsters shares wisdom from the brightest stars in the gaming industry about conceptualizing, developing, and maximizing the “Wow!” factor of monsters. Step by step, the writers show how to think up a new idea—or modify an existing one—then refine and test the design and get the absolute most out of the creature. ENnie-Award-winner!
  • Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding puts a team of master story architects at your side to help you build vibrant worlds to enthrall your players or write the next hit fantasy series! ENnie-Award-winner!
Kobold Guide to Gamemastering cover
Kobold Guide to Monsters cover

Get Involved

Keep up to date on everything Kobold Press with our weekly talk show, Kobold Chats! Host Little Red Dot interviews various kobolds, showcases GM prep techniques, and creates various scenarios with viewers!

Kobold Chronicles is a monthly virtual organized play event. Connect with new friends from around the world and roll some dice!

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