A new setting expansion for 5th Edition campaigns, Book of Ebon Tides provides a complete guide to the people, places, heroes, magic, and monsters of the Plane of Shadows, a land where fey magic, illusion, and trickery are as potent as steel.

The accompanying Tales from the Shadows offers over a dozen elegant adventures set in the shadow realms, taking your heroes from levels 1 to 8 as they explore this otherworldly realm of fey shadows, undead horrors, and wild adventure!

This grimoire of new magic items for 5th Edition campaigns brings wild surprises to your gaming table, from unknown potions, to fabled weapons and armor, to everyday magic that could become a campaign staple. 

With over 800 items to start, many by leading tabletop designers and Kobold Press veterans, there’s something here for your game, whether it is a new game underway or a long-term campaign that needs a jolt of new inspiration—for both the heroes and the villains! 

From farmlands and forests to dungeons and deserts to bustling cities, fantastical planar realms, and the underworld, a new horde of creatures arises to challenge heroes. Keep your players surprised, entertained, and terrified with over 300 opponents they’ve never seen before—and won’t ever see coming!

The land needs new heroes—heroes who can stop the foul beings rising from the Underworld to blot out hope, decency, and progress. Do you have the fortitude and ambition, or the greed and cunning, to put a stop to them? These products include an adventure path for levels 1–13, a unique player’s guide, and one-shot lairs.  

Whispered secrets hint at the more than 700 magic spells in this tome for every class in 5th Edition. Do you dare explore the lost spells of 19 magics, including  winter, chaos, ring, shadow, and temporal? Is it safe to pursue hidden colleges and academies of lost lore?  

These poker-sized cards feature every spell from Deep Magic, ready for easy transport and reference wherever your adventures may take you.

More than 1,400 spell cards in all!

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