Shades of Magic: Totems of Power

Totem magic is a very real and very powerful force in Midgard. All totem spirits are said to be descended from the World Serpent Ouroboros and bear a small portion of his creative power. Below are a few examples of totemic magics in Midgard.

Bemmean Wizard

Shades of Magic: Tools of the Arcane Weave

Tools of the Arcane Weave Weaving magic into reality is not so far removed from the deftly crafted threads and patterns of masterwork garment makers. A handful of artificers can turn reinforced threads into conduits of arcane energy, and the faithful install their divinity into their works to bring a small portion of their deities …

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Of Godly Might: Clerics of Thor (Part 1)

Clerics of Thor Thor is known by many names, but whether it is Perun, Thunderer, or in some parts of the far north, even giant-slayer, he is always hailed as the mightiest of warriors and master of the battlefield. Worshippers of Thor often bellow, “Thor’s thunder in your ears; Thor’s roar, the last you’ll hear,” …

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Magic Carnival Wrap-Up

August’s RPG Blog Carnival was all about Magic. What’s awesome about magic? Why do we love it so? How do we bring more of the impossible to our table? Magic! Many a spell slinger brought an assortment of magics to chat about:

Shades of Magic: Eyes of the Dragon

Draconic Magic Items Dragons are known to have a deep connection with magic. Those who seek to understand or emulate this connection study such monsters as others that fear their power or hate their ways incant spell and raise sword in opposition. Some seek to tap the dragon’s well of magic, collecting their body parts, …

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Shades of Magic: The Necromancer’s Toolkit

The Necromancer’s Toolkit Necromancy is a potent force, and while many spellcasters might long for its power over the dead, the wise know not to meddle with what lives in the shadows. Despite this magic’s reputation, though, it can be used to create items of great potency. Those who take up these tools may even …

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Of Godly Might: Clerics of Boreas (Part 2)

Clerics of Boreas Priests of Boreas operate primarily in isolation outside the confines of a structured organization. There are no granted titles, offices to hold, sacred vestments, or even physical structures in which to worship. Supplicants of Boreas seek him out at the tops of snowcapped mountains, on the ice floes of the Frozen Reach, …

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Of Godly Might: Clerics of Boreas (Part 1)

Clerics of Boreas Boreas, Son of the Winter Maiden, is defined by his single-minded obsession to bring to Midgard an eternal winter with all of its deadly aspects, including biting cold, blinding blizzards, and bloodthirsty snow beasts. Those who worship Boreas are either creatures that delight in extreme cold environs due to their genetic composition, …

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Dirty Jobs: Parent

Parenthood Hervard the Steady was one of the greatest wizards of his time: a capable adventurer and a renowned university lecturer. Intelligence and perseverance made him a great wizard; generosity and patience made him a great teacher. And he had great talent for divination. Legend has it that on his last day of life at …

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Dirty Jobs: Brewer

“Do you want the job or not? You got pretty good qualifications, but I won’t lie to you—there’s a lot of guys just as qualified right behind you.” Jerfren had, in fact, lied at least three times already in their short conversation. Merippik had been counting The first lie was that the job paid well. …

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