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Memoirs of a Lich


Memoirs of a Lich: Evocation

Dear Osvaud, This is Osvaud. I let myself start with illusion (colloquially known as the best school of magic) and then gave myself some time off after the whole mental breakdown after conversion thing. Well then, I guess I’ll move on with my least favorite school of magic… evocation.

Memoirs of a Lich: Illusion

Dear Osvaud, This is Osvaud. People who gravitate toward illusions are the biggest jerks in the wide world of wizardry. On a related note, we love illusions! Some spells kill, others save, but a properly wielded illusion causes a crippling existential crisis!

Memoirs of a Lich: Schools

Dear Osvaud, This is Osvaud. I think it’s time we started sharing our magical secrets. Well, as we’ll get to here in a second, one wizard’s awe-inspiring power is another’s migraine waiting to happen. I’ll tackle each school of magic separately in coming pages, but first, let’s explain our general approach to spellcasting.

Memoirs of a Lich: Outside-Context Problems

Dear Osvaud, This is Osvaud. We are fond of saying that on a long-enough timeline the seemingly impossible becomes merely implausible. This means we occasionally get gloriously blindsided with something we are woefully unprepared for. However, there are also circumstances making those moments seem simple by comparison. Today, we are going to briefly touch on …

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Memoirs of a Lich: Master

Dear Master, This is Ivlysse. A thousand and one apologies for this woeful invasion of privacy. Ivlysse wishes his master to know the many clever defenses and ruses surrounding his most unhallowed thoughts, displaying despicable creativity and humorous irony. Master has truly outdone himself!

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