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Heritage of Heroes: Orcs

For all the races in all the worlds… what about the subraces? Heritage of Heroes brings you variant racial features for Midgard to help your hero stand out from the pack. The following variant traits allow you to play a full-blooded orc, using the half-orc as a chassis. You lose the Savage Attacks feature. Your other “half-orc” …

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Real Steel: Blade of Ancient Visions

And the winner is… Anthony Jennings! His Blade of Ancient Visions has stolen the hearts—and minds!—of all that would look upon it. And now this blade crafted by the hands of Todd Gdula can go on to speak to a new wielder with its wondrous visions and whispers. (Well, when you’re paranoid, you’re never alone, right?)

Real Steel: Contest Finalists

Arr! And ia ia! It’s that day on Real Steel when we announce the finalists to our contest. Finalists The five finalists—Blade of Ancient Visions, Cutlass of the Eldritch Deeps, Cutlass of the Shattered Mind, Eye of the Deep One, and R’lyeh’s Gaze—are listed below. Please, vote for your favorite in the poll at the end. Polls close on …

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And Straight On ’til Morning

A huge round of applause for Miranda! She’s done an amazing job of running the Kobold Blogmines for years. While I’m a wee bit sad to see her go, I’m greatly excited to see what great things she does next. When you slay some dragons, Miranda, come back and tell us all about them! It’s Deja Vu All Over Again As introduced, I’m …

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