Kobolds Take the D&D Podcast

Kobolds Take the D&D Podcast

koboldsizetestYour very own Kobold-in-Chief joins Shelly Mazzanoble and Greg Tito on the latest episode of the D&D podcast—from now on known as Dragon Talk. Be regaled as Wolfgang, and I quote, “returns to tell us some more crazy stories, sing some Hall & Oates, and talk about what Kobold Press is putting up on the DMs Guild.”

Are you not regaled?!


3 thoughts on “Kobolds Take the D&D Podcast”

  1. Listened to this yesterday. I am now very curious about what you and your fellow Kobolds are up to on Deep Magic for 5e. Which just gives me something else to geek out about as I am anxiously awaiting the Tome of Beasts to be completed! Wife and I are looking forward to that one!

    1. Yes, indeed, we’re looking to deliver many of the new schools from Deep Magic, plus new archetypes and some arcane oddities. The book is in first-round development right now.

  2. Wow, I know you said you’re not going to hold a Kickstarter for Deep Magic 5e, but if you did, I’d definitely throw money at that.

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