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Real Steel: Blade of Ancient Visions

Real Steel: Blade of Ancient Visions

Cthulhu 19And the winner is… Anthony Jennings! His Blade of Ancient Visions has stolen the hearts—and minds!—of all that would look upon it. And now this blade crafted by the hands of Todd Gdula can go on to speak to a new wielder with its wondrous visions and whispers. (Well, when you’re paranoid, you’re never alone, right?)

Congratulations to all of the finalists for a stupendous series of squamous swords. May you all prosper under the gaze of our damp lord!

Blade of Ancient Visions by Anthony Jennings

Weapon (cutlass), legendary (requires attunement)

This finely crafted, adamantine cutlass (use the stats for a scimitar) has an eye motif etched into the blade. While you possess this weapon, you are afflicted with the flaw: “I feel like someone is watching me, waiting for me to make a mistake.” No magic or other effect can cure this flaw so long as the Blade of Ancient Visions is in your possession. This flaw vanishes 24 hours after you rid yourself of the weapon and complete a long rest.

Once attuned, you gain a +2 to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon and the blade starts to secrete strange, viscous oil. Any creature wounded by the blade must succeed on a Constitution saving throw DC 18 or be poisoned.

While you hold the drawn blade, you can use a bonus action to gain the effects of true sight. This functions as per the spell, but you sense the presence of strange beings looming just outside your peripheral vision. You can never directly see them, but you know they are watching you and waiting for something.

Any creature attuned to the Blade of Ancient Visions and has used the true sight ability permanently gains the following flaw: “They are coming for you. They have replaced your companions, your friends, even your family. They are going to kill you, unless you kill them first.”

Cthulhu 23Since an expedition discovered the Blade of Ancient Visions in the ruins of the city of Vunigothu, every creature that has possessed this cutlass has died horribly, including Lady Erin du Martigues, the fallen paladin responsible for the halfling genocide a decade ago. Many committed suicide, but others were executed for the gruesome murders of their friends and families.

4 thoughts on “Real Steel: Blade of Ancient Visions”

  1. Anthony Jennings

    Thanks to everyone to everyone who voted for me! I really loved all the entries and I’m honored that my design was selected! Thanks to the other finalists who all created wonderful items that I will be borrowing for future D&D games! Thanks to Kobold Press for such a great contest!

    *begins reading from long winded Oscar acceptance speech refuses to leave the stage and has a Native American woman accept the Oscar on my behalf in protest*

    Finishes speech with: “You like me! You really like me!”

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