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The Ghoulish Empire and the Pathfinder RPG

After much travail and careful reworking of the 3.5/OGL material, the Pathfinder Imperial Gazetteer is finally complete and ready to unleash on the world. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the deadly lands of the undead, the principalities and the realms subterranean. The vampires and spectral knights long ago claimed the surface countries of Morgau & […]

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Enock stumbled through the forest, the bite wound on his left leg burned. He continuously scanned his surroundings for his catlike assailant. There was a startling black flash to his left, and he raised his crossbow. There it was, peering around a tree. Enock lined up his shot, but the cat brazenly stepped out of

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Early Reviews of Kobold Quarterly #13

Kobold Quarterly #13 just released and reviewers are already posting their comments. Find out what the buzz is about. Phillip Larwood’s “Ecology of the Shoggoth” for Pathfinder for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game… Besides describing the Shoggoth’s maddening mentality, plastic physiology, and vast vocal range, it gives variants of the primordial creature, new abilities, discusses cults

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Your Whispering Homunculus: 20 Daft Bets & Dares

Your desk groans under the weight of hefty tomes, journals, maps, papers, and librams. The floor is littered with the rolled husks of half-considered ideas and mistakes. At last, you sit back in your armchair, your work done. The adventure has been crafted to your satisfaction, all the major encounters detailed, every option considered. Every

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Trapper’s Bane

“It’s gonna be a good haul this year!” Morant shouted to his partner as he clubbed another seal to death, blood spilling to the snowy ground below. “Yeah, they’re plentiful this…” Morant’s partner’s response became a scream as one of the seals unhinged its jaws and then chomped down on the man’s arm, severing it.

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When Worlds Collide

I’m licking my chops and looking forward to NorWesCon this weekend (obligatory con schedule link). Partly, I love it because it’s always a good show for both gamers and non-gamers. It’s heavy on costuming (my daughter’s take was “Look at all the princesses!” last year). Partly, I’m looking forward to it because the gaming track

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Fumblebee Swarm

Sir Dryw knew something was wrong when the duergar team halted midway through their charge. The leader held up a mailed hand and snarled something in their strange tongue. Sir Dryw shook his sword and shield. The wizard behind him started to say something but fell silent when the duergar turned tail and ran. “Do

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Call for Reviewers

Every so often at Open Design, we send out review copies. At the moment, we have an excellent spring lineup coming along, and I’d like to add some reviewers  who have already  published reviews of  RPG books or magazines. If you qualify and you’re interested, contact me with your information. Send in the following: Your

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