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Gleam Shard

Gleam shards are small splinters of the massive crystal found at the blurred edge between the Abyss and raw chaos. They are 3-ft.-long crystalline structures that shift their coloration every few seconds, hurting the eyes of witnesses as they do so. They are content to serve and die for other beings, as long as it […]

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Dead Eyes and Battle Scars (Part 1 of 2)

By paragon tier, PCs have made it out of the neophyte stage and are professional adventurers. They walk with a confident strut, and their words carry the weight of experience. However, one thing always gives away an accomplished adventurer: the numerous scars. In fantasy games, wounds are often a transitory condition, represented through the abstract

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Mold Devil

Colored in various shades of gray, mauve, and olive, this fungal nightmare resembles a towering gargoyle or demon with many horn-like growths sprouting from its body to form vicious teeth and claws. Mold devils are sinister and twisted plant creatures that inhabit dense forests, waterlogged swamps, and large underground mushroom patches. While its normal form

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Ars Apocalyptica Magica: A Review of the Amethyst RPG

Amethyst: Foundations is a cross-genre roleplaying game supplement published by Dias Ex Machina and Goodman Games. It is set in a version of Earth where technology-disrupting magic has returned to a world where humans struggle to survive the fall of their civilizations. The game is based on the 4th Edition of the Dungeons & Dragons

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Inspiring Terrains: Playas (Part 4 of 5)

“Inspiring Terrains” looks at encounters—fundamental building blocks that bring together PCs, conflict, and environment. With a little inspiration and a few mechanical bits, it’s easy to make the terrain in an encounter just as memorable as the foes. [Part 1][Part 2][Part 3] ___ For the fourth installment, we endure the stinging winds of the preternaturally

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Splicer Beast

This doglike predator is covered in a jigsaw of thick brown scars. Three razored tusks jut from its lower jaw. With an ungodly thunder crack, the creature shreds itself into two identical beasts, each swiftly loping forward to encircle its prey. Then each beast divides again… The homely splicer beast can tear itself into duplicates,

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