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Caverns of the Spore Lord


Descend into the Caverns of the Spore Lord with this Tales of the Valiant adventure for four to five level 1 adventurers! This adventure is designed for use with the Tales of the Valiant Alpha Release!

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Game System

Tales of the Valiant, D&D 5e

Adventure Level

Level 1 to 2


Kelly Pawlik



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The people of Hulgig are desperate. The hamlet’s tainted well water is transforming the residents into sporeborn. To make matters worse, the transmogrified villagers are drawn to the nearby cave complex that leads to the subterranean village of Bellgrove, and its mycolid inhabitants are having their own problems.

Caverns of the Spore Lord brings you a memorable introductory adventure for the Tales of the Valiant RPG:

  • Takes PCs from 1st to 3rd levels.
  • Utilizes the rules from Tales of the Valiant Alpha Release.
  • Features an enhanced adventure structure to support ease of play.
  • Includes exploration and traps and monsters and more!

Will the PCs stem the brewing conflict between the human and mycolid communities? Will they solve the mystery of the infection and stop an apocalyptic cult? Will they be able to save the mycolid leader?

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Valiant!

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  1. Craig Farrow

    Enjoyable for GM and players

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