Shops of Zobeck: The Kariv’s Apothecary

The Kariv’s Apothecary A small scratchy voice calls out to you, “Welcome stranger! Do you need some help traversing these busy streets? If you do, I am your guide: Black-Eye! Hop aboard, and please, allow me to show you around this magnificent city. If you are looking for anything in particular, do not hesitate to …

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Last Call for Bundle of Zobeck!

You still have a chance to grab the wondrous Bundle of Zobeck — now with seveneight great Midgard PDFs! This special set-your-own-price offer ends early on Saturday, so move fast. We’ve just added a new item to the Bundle: Your Whispering Homunculus by Richard Pett! This book is the GM’s humble servant and guide to the vile, whimsical, disgusting, …

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The Bundle of Zobeck

A top-quality collection of DRM-free Pathfinder ebooks from Kobold Press — pay what you want and support charity! The Bundle of Zobeck offers an outstanding collection of Kobold Press Pathfinder ebooks — characters, locations, magic, and adventures. For one price you set yourself, you can get the complete collection — over 500 pages of DRM-free …

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Announcing the Kobold Press Community Use Policy

The Midgard Campaign Setting fan community is growing faster than an ill-advised alchemy experiment in Maillon! It’s an active, vibrant community, full of people who want to take what we’ve created and run with it in exciting and fun directions. So we thought, why not make it easier for them? To encourage fan sites and free …

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Midgard Campaign Setting Pre-Order Now Available

The gods of the North tremble! The Great Old Ones stir in their sleep!  All of Midgard looks to the skies in wonder, for the long-awaited Midgard Campaign Setting is now available for pre-order in the Kobold Store . By popular demand you can ensure that you’ll receive the gorgeous, full color 296-page hardcover or softcover (plus …

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Tales of Zobeck

Open Design is pleased to announce that the Tales of Zobeck anthology, which won the Silver ENnie as Best Electronic Book on Friday, is now available from the Kobold Quarterly store. You no longer need to be a patron to see this award-winning adventure series!

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