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Dragoncoil Guide: A Background

Dragoncoil Guide Like petrified waves of broken bone, the wind-scoured crags of the Dragoncoil Mountains undulate through the Eastern Dragon Empire. Looming like cyclopean gods, these jagged, snow-capped peaks dominate nearly every horizon of this vast, alpine region. Mezar, Betik, and sacred Kalpostan all lie nestled within the harsh embrace of these timeless mountains. From …

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Draconian Academe: A Background

Draconian Academe It is a citadel of robes and scrolls, of science and magic and murmuring bells. A draconian metropolis, bristling with spired academies and domed observatories. Whispering libraries, clinking laboratories, and muttering menageries rise at every turn. The city of Betik has for centuries stood as the arcane heart and intellectual jewel of the …

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Triolan Highwayman: A Background

Triolan Highwayman The Triolan corsairs are renowned throughout Midgard for their flamboyant ferocity and near monopoly on organized shipping and piracy throughout the (northern) Middle Sea. But the sea lanes and merchant armadas are not the only means to move goods and services to and from the rich trade centers of the great peninsula. Eager …

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Mharoti Master Chef: A Background

Food, an essential—and delicious—component of life. Those that can work its magic are highly valued in any culture. Fine victuals are cherished in politics, business, and religion throughout Midgard, and you aspired to no less than the exceptional and the exotic. You were destined for more than lording over a three-star Trioloan restaurant or cooking aboard a luxury Siwali …

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Ghatazi Runaway: A Background

Ghatazi: a word synonymous with misery in every spoken language of the Southlands. The Ghatazi salt pits lie sizzling in the bleached wastelands of the Crescent Desert’s northern rim. Enclosed on all sides by thousands of miles of blistering rock and searing white sand, it is a hostile, unforgiving place plagued by swarms of biting flies, bone-scouring salt storms, …

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Makurian Caravan Guard: A Background

Like many that hail from the desert city-states, you learned to read the language of the Lotus and Tamasheq Trails before you could even read the simplest Nurian scroll. Before you knew how to lace your own sandals, you knew the flicker of a camel’s ear that told of approaching riders and which of the desert falcon’s cries …

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Bourgundian Parfumier: A Background

Not all (dramatic) changes to one’s lifestyle, calling, or ambitions are a result of social or financial decline. Some are simply decided upon. Regardless of your motivation or incentive for change, you have accepted that a comfortable life of research, science and business is—at least for now—a part of your past. As befits a native …

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