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Heroes of Nuria Natal: Champion of Anu-Akma

Heroes of Nuria Natal: Champion of Anu-Akma

gnollpriestofanuakmaOh, the lands of Nuria Natal! Where gods walk and men think it nothing to seek immortality. Where riches abound and fortunes are to be made in markets and in ancient tombs. Where the dead walk and the sun bakes. Nuria Natal is a land of wonders, whether you are a native or just passing through. Contained herein are options for characters who would explore Nuria Natal and the rest of the Southlands. They work best when coupled with Southlands Heroes.

Champion of Anu-Akma (Paladin)

The Champions of Anu-Akma are drawn from the gnoll population of Nuria Natal, from those that can temper their ferocious natures with faith. They are loyal to their god and to their people, stalwart defenders of the living and the dead. This option can be adapted with a little effort to other champions of Nuria Natal gods.

Tenets of Anu-Akma

When reaching 3rd level, the neophyte champions are inducted into full membership of the order with an oath of binding service to Anu-Akma.

Quickly to Your Task. Those who follow Anu-Akma know that time passes for all beings. You must perform the duty that is before you to the best of your ability, knowing that you too will soon die.

Stand Your Ground. You are the living wall that protects the world from the undead. You shall not turn your back on the enemy nor waver in your path.

Keep Holy Those Who Sleep. You are a servant of all that has come before. You must guard their resting places from defilement and their bodies from desecration.

Death to Blasphemers. You are the scourge of god against those who speak against the glories of the underworld. They shall not live.

Oath Spells

You gain spells at the paladin levels listed.

Paladin Level Spells
3rd alarm, hunter’s mark
5th gentle repose, see invisibility
9th speak with dead, feign death
13th death ward, faithful hound
17th hallow, planar binding


Channel Divinity

When you become a Champion of Anu-Akma, at 3rd level, you gain two Channel Divinity options.

Rebuke Undead: You channel the divine energy of Anu-Akma into a curse upon one undead you can see within 30 feet of you. That creature must make a Wisdom saving throw. If it fails, it is frozen in place for 1 minute or until it takes damage. It may repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns. On a success, it is able to move normally.

Wrath of Anu-Akma: You channel the fury of Anu-Akma against your foe. You Channel Divinity to do an additional 1d8 points of radiant damage to a foe you have struck in melee.

Weapons of God

Starting at 7th level, when wielding a flail and scythe and two weapon fighting, you can add your ability modifier to the damage of the second attack.

Armor of Anu-Akma

Beginning at 15th level, you add your Charisma bonus to your AC.

Avatar of Anu-Akma

At 20th level, you call upon the power of the divine hyena to transform you into a walking weapon. You seem to swell in size, and your muzzle and legs elongate with spectral energies. For 1 minute, you gain the following abilities:

  • You gain a bite attack that deals 2d6 + your Charisma modifier of radiant damage.
  • Your base speed increases by 20 feet.
  • You have resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.

Once you use this feature, you cannot use it again until you finish a long rest.

For more options for player characters, check out Southlands Heroes.


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