Shades of Magic: Artifacts of Primordial Power

Primordial Magic Items The raw power of elements is called upon by druids, evokers, and sorcerers alike, for what mage does not wish to command the natural world itself? Long ago, these great spell-binders tamed the elements and forced their primordial power into these arcane tools. Should you come to possess these great magical tools, …

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Beyond Damage Dice: Monk Weapons, Part 1

Monk Weapons A weapon is more than the damage it deals. In combat, skilled warriors use their weapons to confuse, disorient, and disadvantage their enemies before moving in for the kill. Beyond Damage Dice ties unique maneuvers to weapons from both the core rules and the Midgard Campaign Setting, giving them a distinct impact on …

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New Paths Compendium Kickstarter Launch

New Paths Compendium Kickstarter An updated, reorganized, much expanded, full color, hardcover version of the New Paths Compendium has been a long time coming. Brand new classes, archetypes, feats, and spells. And here’s the Kickstarter for it! It started from humble enough beginnings. Way back in 2009, the spell-less ranger appeared in Kobold Quarterly #11, and …

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Lumeran River Scout: A Background

Lumeran River Scout Some of the “pirates” approach folkloric status (those with necks as still unstretched, at any rate), local legends along the many meandering miles of the great Lumera River (see Midgard Expanded for more on this region). Headsman Uhlzhar One-Arm, Yllinia the River Witch, Beornath the Blue Bowman, and others, but whether famous …

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Dragoncoil Guide: A Background

Dragoncoil Guide Like petrified waves of broken bone, the wind-scoured crags of the Dragoncoil Mountains undulate through the Eastern Dragon Empire. Looming like cyclopean gods, these jagged, snow-capped peaks dominate nearly every horizon of this vast, alpine region. Mezar, Betik, and sacred Kalpostan all lie nestled within the harsh embrace of these timeless mountains. From …

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Draconian Academe: A Background

Draconian Academe It is a citadel of robes and scrolls, of science and magic and murmuring bells. A draconian metropolis, bristling with spired academies and domed observatories. Whispering libraries, clinking laboratories, and muttering menageries rise at every turn. The city of Betik has for centuries stood as the arcane heart and intellectual jewel of the …

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Unlikely Heroes for 5th Edition is Now Available

 I really want to play a jinnborn. Wait, a dhampir. No, no, a dust goblin it is…! And all I need is Unlikely Heroes for 5th Edition, the just released player’s guide. This one growls at you when you open it. It’s now available in the Kobold store. Now, I love me some gnomes. And the dragonborn are certainly dandy. And humans do have …

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