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Lumeran River Scout: A Background

Lumeran River Scout: A Background

Lumeran River Scout

Some of the “pirates” approach folkloric status (those with necks as still unstretched, at any rate), local legends along the many meandering miles of the great Lumera River (see Midgard Expanded for more on this region). Headsman Uhlzhar One-Arm, Yllinia the River Witch, Beornath the Blue Bowman, and others, but whether famous or foul, flamboyant or fearsome, to you they were all prey. Let the nomads and the marsh tribes call these river pirates a “movement” if they wish, for you knew them for what they were: not by tavern songs and gossip but by deeds witnessed firsthand. These are self-serving river pirates, these “Riverfolk of the Lumera” with their “escort” protection rackets, smuggling, kidnapping and boot-legging operations. Many of them are recurring embarrassments to regional Urmanli.

Your handpicked unit was formed at Kazan, the chief (military) settlement of Eastern Hariz. Alone and in small, elite squads, you patrolled the river and its environs from fortified Hariz to the squalling markets of Tabur. Avoiding roaming centaurs, you prowled the forested, riverlands, and marshes, swam silently up reed-choked tributaries to set ambushes, and knifed across the moonlit river in pursuit of rum runners, the sails of your small, outriggers blackened with soot and modified for speed.

Your missions included reconnaissance and information gathering—identification, disruption, and if possible, elimination of these scoundrels and their deplorable operations.

Now, at the end of your contract or perhaps for grimmer reasons, you were swept away into other tributaries of life. But you carry with you still the intense training, specialized skills, and many meandering memories of excitement and recklessness along the river.

Lumeran River Scout

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics and choose from Stealth or Investigation

Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism kit, vehicle (water)

Equipment:  A set of (“waterproof”) eel-skin boots and leggings, an otter-skin cloak, water goggles and a leather pouch containing fishing-hooks, lures, and line and 2 gp

Feature: River Hawks

Having once served in a multi-racial, specially trained task force assigned to “discourage” with prejudice any “unregulated” entrepreneurship along the navigable lengths of the Lumera River, you have a swim speed of 20 ft.

Also, terrain that includes forest, water, or swamp cannot impede your movement or stealth. When within 1 mile of a river, lake, or marsh, you roll Stealth, Survival, and Tracking checks with advantage.


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