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Unlikely Heroes 5E  I really want to play a jinnborn. Wait, a dhampir. No, no, a dust goblin it is…!

And all I need is Unlikely Heroes for 5th Edition, the just released player’s guide. This one growls at you when you open it. It’s now available in the Kobold store.

Now, I love me some gnomes. And the dragonborn are certainly dandy. And humans do have their uses for sure…

Sometimes, though, you just need something a little—or a lot!—different. This book gives you new player options to play some drastically different characters from what you’re used to.

Be jinnborn and crackle with lightning. Be dhampir and rule with fear. Be dust goblin and ride the shadows. Be sahuagin and swim with the fishes. Or be derro and… be a crazy, messed up, little badass!

Remember all those monsters you’ve been fighting? You can be one of them now! (Can we roll initiative now?)


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