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Dragoncoil Guide: A Background

Dragoncoil Guide: A Background

Dragoncoil Guide

Like petrified waves of broken bone, the wind-scoured crags of the Dragoncoil Mountains undulate through the Eastern Dragon Empire. Looming like cyclopean gods, these jagged, snow-capped peaks dominate nearly every horizon of this vast, alpine region. Mezar, Betik, and sacred Kalpostan all lie nestled within the harsh embrace of these timeless mountains.

From those high, cold peaks and fertile, glacial valleys, you have come, bringing with you the traditional skills, dragon lore, and mountaincraft of the old, high-mountain tribes.

Whether full or half-blooded dragon-kin from among the indigenous mountain clans or a liberated jambuka bondsman or honorary member of similar clans, you have come to know well the mountains, their moods, and their scaly masters. You are a born mountaineer, navigating high-mountain passes and alpine trails with instinctual skill.

Of wild dragons, you are nearly equally versed, for the Dragoncoil Mountains come by their name honestly. They are home to Mharot the Founder and the birthplace of the Great Compact.

Here truly be dragons.

You read the spoor and sign of the night hunters and know the safest daylight crossings of their territories. You have mastered camouflage and cover, movement and motionlessness (sometimes for hours), for the aerial hunters, night or day, are by far the most prevalent. You know the mating and sleeping seasons, the hunting habits and favored flight paths. Few can match your knowledge and understanding of those primeval peaks and the terrible and timeless beasts that rule there.

Dragoncoil Guide (Variant Outlander)

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics and choose either Stealth or Survival

Tool Proficiencies: Choose from herbalist, leatherworker’s or bone carver’s toolkit

Languages: Mharoti (Draconic), Trade tongue

Equipment: A cold-weather/mountaineering outfit, climbing pick, 100 ft. of superior rope, spiked boots, and a fur beltpouch containing 5 gp worth of dragon-bone ivory and raw gemstones.

Feature: Child of the Mountain-Clans

While in any alpine terrain, your Perception, Stealth, and Survival checks have advantage, and mountainous terrain cannot slow you or your party.

If travelling in the Dragoncoil Mountains, these skill checks receive an additional +2 proficiency bonus, you cannot become lost, and if travelling alone, you cannot be tracked by normal means.

For a closer look at the Dragoncoil Mountains and other scaly locales of the Eastern Dragon Empire, be sure to check out the Midgard Campaign Setting.

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  1. Should they really be called Sherpa? I’m a little uneasy about that; it’s a name that’s commonly appropriated as a job title today, yeah, but it’s actually a Nepalese ethnic group. It’s just that no one tends to know anything about them besides “they help people up Mount Everest”, so folks think it’s just a word for a guide. Using it like this feels a little unfair to the Sherpa people.

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