Tuesday Traps: Mantraps

Most traps aim to kill or maim, overlooking the importance of capturing victims intact. Fur traders use mantraps to protect their investments, but not many creatures intent on protecting their stronghold do the same. Typical traps and snares used for game must be modified to catch larger and more intelligent humanoid victims because — especially …

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Monday Monster: The Wendigo

Grandmother’s Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada (WKQ News): A rash of murders in this Cree community has folks wondering just what law enforcement plans to do about the problem. While some folks think the tribal elders should turn matters over to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, many believe this tribal matter should remain under the jurisprudence of …

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100 Dragon Breath Weapons

The KQ Forum has been pretty lively lately, and I wanted to promote this particular brainstorm because it’s just a lot of fun. Nothing says D&D more than a dragon’s breath weapon, so here are 100 different ways to tweak that iconic moment. [More…]

Trap Tuesday: Whip Traps

Popular with woodland protectors, intelligent forest-dwelling monsters and guerrilla fighters, the whip trap is easy to set up. While the name may summon ideas of a leather whip striking out at the PCs, it is actually derived from the whip-like action of the shaft released by a trip wire and launching into the victims with …

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Friday Funny: R.A. Salvatore

The man behind the dark elf Drizzt Do’Urden is quite a funnyman. Much more so than his famous character’s grim tales might lead you to believe. As evidence, we offer this audio bit of kobold diplomacy called the “Wubba Wubba Story”, as told by the man himself. [audio:https://koboldpress.com/audio/diplomacy002.mp3] A true classic of gaming humor, give …

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Monday Monster: Jack the Ripper

Whitechapel, London, England (WKQ News) For the fourth time in the last two months, a prostitute working in Whitechapel became the victim of gruesome murder. The woman – identified as Maryanne Smithson – was found dead in an alley behind Durwood Street. An anonymous source from the medical examiner’s office tells WKQ News that the …

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