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Shades of Magic: The Necromancer’s Toolkit

The Necromancer’s Toolkit Necromancy is a potent force, and while many spellcasters might long for its power over the dead, the wise know not to meddle with what lives in the shadows. Despite this magic’s reputation, though, it can be used to create items of great potency. Those who take up these tools may even …

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The Wanderer’s Way

Have you ever wondered how normal people send letters in your fantasy setting? Noble lords have dedicated servants, and the government makes use of military messengers, but what about the butchers, blacksmiths, shipwrights, farmers, and hundreds of others? How do they send letters and packages to their loved ones? Well, in your world, they could …

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The Brotherhood of The Brawl

The Headhunters are a renowned band of adventurers, known throughout the nation for their bravery, daring, and at times suicidal pursuit of getting the job done. Gordran Halfhand, the hulking bruiser, has never lost a duel. Semran Nightshade was one of the most infamous graduates of her arcane academy. Edelweiss Lightfingers has beaten a dozen …

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The Devil and Tom Walker, The Flight, John Quidor

The Devil’s Own

Most people will pay lip service to the idea that tieflings aren’t inherently evil. That these men and women, whose forms have been twisted by an infernal lineage, can turn their backs on the darkness that has seeped into their blood. Many of them do just that, by using their innate powers to fight against …

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