The Bundle of Zobeck

The Bundle of Zobeck

A top-quality collection of DRM-free Pathfinder ebooks from Kobold Press — pay what you want and support charity!

The Bundle of Zobeck offers an outstanding collection of Kobold Press Pathfinder ebooks —
characters, locations, magic, and adventures. For one price you set yourself, you can get the complete collection — over 500 pages of DRM-free watermarked PDFs — an entire Pathfinder fantasy roleplaying campaign featuring the Midgard setting and, above all, its bustling, ever-ticking Free City of Zobeck.

Home to clockwork wizards, Gear Goddess priests, conniving cultists, ambitious merchants, and backstabbing thieves, Zobeck is the beating heart of the Midgard campaign setting. And though these ebooks include many details about Midgard’s deities, clockwork technology, and neighboring territories, you can easily transplant the Free City to your existing fantasy campaign with only slight modifications. In Midgard or in your own world, Zobeck provides the perfect home base for your game’s stories.

Every Bundle of Zobeck includes PDF versions of the 96-page Zobeck Gazetteer (retail price US$10) and the large Zobeck City Map (retail $4). And if you pay more than the current average price, you also receive these bonus ebooks:

* Midgard Campaign Setting (298 pages, retail $20) – the complete ENnie-nominated worldbook
* Streets of Zobeck (94 pages, retail $10) – dark and daring fantasy-noir adventures in the city’s seedy underbelly
* Midgard Bestiary (109 pages, retail $10) – over 100 monsters and creatures suitable for Midgard or any fantasy setting

If you paid full price for all these PDFs, you’d spend nearly US$74. But we let you set your own price for the entire collection. You can designate a portion of your payment for two of Kobold Press founder Wolfgang Baur’s favorite charities: Heifer International and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

The starting average price of the Bundle of Zobeck will be weighted to keep it from rising too fast. The sooner you purchase your Bundle of Zobeck, the lower the average price will be, and the cheaper it is to get the bonus books. There’s another bonus to buying early—if we add books to the Bundle later in its run (hint, hint), all previous purchasers automatically receive those newly added books on their download page, regardless of whether they paid higher than the bonus price. That’s your reward for buying early.

Your affordable ticket to the Free City and the world of Midgard is on sale now. But act fast — the Bundle of Zobeck is a time-limited offer.

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Some 80 years ago, the Revolt made the Free City one of the few places in Midgard not subject to a feudal lord. Across eight decades the busy merchants, arcanists, and followers of Rava the Gear Goddess built their sleepy, backwater river town into a nation with clout far beyond its borders. Zobeck is now a mercantile powerhouse known across Midgard for its gearforged constructs and its clockwork technology. Its industrious people trade, bargain, gather, and scheme to make themselves rich, powerful, or wise.

As one of the few Free Cities in Midgard, Zobeck answers to no king or noble lord. Instead, its Free City Council rules from secret chambers, its Watch is both human and gearforged, and its people know what makes a life worthwhile: freedom, trade, and the blessings of the Goddess of Fate and Industry. The city ticks and tocks; its people trade up and down the River Argent, out the Dwarven Gate to the Ironcrags, north through the eldritch Margreve forest, and south to Harkesh and Siwal and the distant cities of spice and silk.

Behind the hard work lies a darker city, a place built on kobolds enslaved in silver mines — a city still scarred by an autocrat’s diabolical rule, and corrupted by pacts of blood, temptations of the flesh, and untrammeled greed. The people of Zobeck lust for power,
wealth, success, and pleasure. To get them, they bargain with Kariv gypsy fortunetellers, strange cults, harsh gods, and other unscrupulous schemers. The people’s hungers draw devils like crows to a corpse.

Yet the city prospers. Its heroes avert disaster again and again. Somehow, Zobeck’s heart keeps ticking.

Kobold Press founder Wolfgang Baur says, “Originally, Zobeck sprang from my memories of Prague and Dresden and a sense that Middle Europe was not at all well served by existing fantasy. The lands of Baron Munchausen and Franz Kafka and the Brothers Grimm are a wild breeding ground for the genre, but every time I looked at a fantasy RPG, I saw Celts and Britons and maybe the Norse. All great, but not all the time.

“So I wrote Zobeck to have a ghetto, to focus on trade on a river, and to have nearby the deepest, darkest woods possible. It has grown into its own mature self, meaning not just sex and violence but also its own personality, a Zobeck gestalt. It’s dark. It has a humorous side. It enjoys the patronage of an interesting goddess and endures all the dangers of a Free City ruled by its own people. In short, it’s a small town that punches above its weight.

“I think, after all this time and all the glorious additions to Zobeck by so many great designers, it’s really not mine alone. It has done what I didn’t even know I wanted at the start: It has inspired others. They’ve added to it. Tweaked it a bit. Add a roisterous tavern here or a corrupt official there. They have made it their own. Bits of it are disgusting or strange, but all of it is delightful.”

3 thoughts on “The Bundle of Zobeck”

  1. Hooray for Heifer International! My wife has worked there for nearly 15 years and I worked there for 4. For those who don’t know what Heifer does, please check out this link: If the mods wish to delete this post I understand.

  2. Damn you Kobold Press. I just promised myself earlier this week I wasn’t going to get into any more campaign settings, even though Midgard has been calling out to me. However, you know the old saying – the first hit is name your own price.

  3. I have to say I am mightily impressed with the Midgard setting. It’s the first “published” setting that’s really excited me since 2e’s “Birthright”.

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