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Shops of Zobeck: Time’s Closet

Shops of Zobeck: Time’s Closet

Zobeck is a beacon for those hoping to strike it rich—or at least find their place in life. Many travel from all over Midgard to the Crossroads City looking to trade their wares to the right person for the right price or earn their way into the business life of Zobeck. However, not everyone pursues wealth, glory, and fame. Some, desire the pursuit of knowledge, history, truth, and story!

There is a small one-story shop run by an elderly human man, who seems to have lived long past his time, yet he still resides within this wondrous city, toiling away at his family business. More than that, it is also his home, the place where he goes to relax and be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This quaint little piece of history rests among an endless sea of other shops in the City of Grandeur. He doesn’t deal in armor, weapons, spice, or magic, this wise old man prefers to deal in a different kind of trade—lore.

Tucked away between much larger and more elegant buildings, just like a closet in one’s home, when you open it, you find items that have long been forgotten, items that you hold nearest your heart, that bit of information that has eluded you for so long. Its location matches its name.

Outside the Closet: This one-story establishment has dark wooden walls and bronze corners. With no windows to see inside, it sits locked away down a small street at the very end. The entrance is right of center with a stone archway and a bronze-bound wooden door. There is a large bronze ring hinged in the place of a door handle. Next to the door, there’s a bolted sign with beautiful writing: “Time’s Closet, a place where time stands still.”

Inside the Closet: Upon entering this small, quaint building, you are welcomed with an overwhelming sense of peace as the sounds of the busy streets fade away. The smell of old books and parchment slowly creep up to your nostrils as you stand in the doorway, admiring the sense of calm that washes over you. Scanning the shop for its owner, you see shelves stuffed with books and rolled up parchments lining the walls. Two countertops also cluttered with books and scrolls. The counter to your right looks to contain writing and cartography implements while the other has stacks of books randomly piled on it along with a few ornate boxes used as bookends. Oddly enough, as you peruse this piece of history; you notice four lanterns dangling from each corner of the room. They are not lit by flame, but a bright white light beams out, illuminating the entire room. From the right corner of the room and from behind a curtain, an old raspy gentle voice of an elderly man calls out to you, “Hello friend! Welcome to the quietest corner of Zobeck.” Walking out from behind the curtain, he says, “I am Wiltham Osgould the Fifth, and I am the third generation of Lore Keepers in my family. How may I help you today?”

Wiltham Osgould the Fifth: Wiltham is an elderly human man in his sixties. He is pithy and witty and enjoyable to be around. Do not let his age fool you, for his mind is as sharp as a razor, and he never forgets a face or name. He has a long, grey beard and puffy white hair that is frazzled most of the time due to his frequent naps in his small back room. His has a set of golden spectacles that dangle around his neck. A long dark blue robe drags slightly behind him as he walks. Leaning on a cane suggests frailty, yet his bright blue eyes suggest otherwise. Each of his hands bear a gold and silver ring on each index finger.

GM Notes: Wiltham is truly only interested in knowledge of the world, lost or ancient knowledge. If PCs bring him information that he finds interesting, he will pay handsomely—if he thinks it is worth it. Wiltham has been alive a very long time. His insight into others is well above average, and he can sniff out a lie very easily. Honesty persuades him more than dishonestly. If PCs try to fool him, and he realizes it, he will stop the conversation and ask them to leave immediately. His knowledge of the world is abundant and well known by many. He can be used as a great quest giver or a person to pass along important information to the PCs. He would be a great NPC to utilize alongside the book Demon Cults and Secret Societies.


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  1. To be really very very honest to you I actually thought that you would just be arrogant as well as like those highbrows as you are so very knowledgeable but in reality, you are so very humble and the real manner in which you just keep sharing your very knowledge to all, it actually deserves my commendation.

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