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Shops of Zobeck: The Trading Post

Shops of Zobeck: The Trading Post

Zobeck is filled to bursting with various shops of both quality and intrigue. Each services their own niche, each boasts their own excellence, each is eagerly waiting for the heroes returning from dangerous and grand adventures with large sacks of gold and rare and wondrous items. As the Crossroads City, home to some of the most lucrative and famous of traders, Zobeck offers a wide variety of establishments for them to unload their wares. And once these brave souls have had their fill of rest, drink, and whatever else heroes do after such exploration, they eventually find their way to a shop that matches their boisterous tales of adventure—a place that is willing to risk a purchase on even the rarest of items, a establishment that is held above others, a shop that does not need to boast of its own wonder. The Trading Post.

Outside Description: This two-story, red wood, and octagon-shaped building sits on the corner of a busy street. Obsidian columns support each corner. Engraved on each are gold and silver runes that sparkle in the sunlight. The walls of the second story have oval windows of various colors, each of them seems to shimmer or move. The main entrance is a grand double-door entrance, flanked by two large marble guardians, each with sword and shield. The doors are also crafted of red wood, each with a large golden door ring.

Inside Description: Upon entering this grand establishment, you are immediately overwhelmed by its immensity. Expecting a ceiling overhead, you notice that the second floor is open, and you can see a railed walkway around the edges, connecting in the center with five other walkways. The center platform floats in the center of the room without any visible support. Look around, you see paneled walls with various maps, paintings, and tapestries. Shelves line the first-floor walls, neatly organized into different categories—some with bottles of varying sizes colors and shapes. Another section has books, scrolls, and rolled up parchment. One section to the left is set aside for weapons of all sorts: short swords, long swords, bows, and daggers. Directly next to that is another section containing armor of all sizes and types, everything from cloth robes to full plate. At the far back of the room, a tall, slender woman dressed in fine blues and purples is doing business with a customer. As you enter, she nods in your direction with a smile, holding up her index finger as to indicate she will be right with you.

Izabell Cael’En: She is a retired adventurer. Her elven features are very noticeable. She is wearing a blue, flowing sleeveless robe trimmed with silver. Underneath you can see that she wears a purple shirt and darker purple pants. A set of silver spectacles dangle around her neck, tied with a silver string or wire. Her crystal blue eyes suggest she is a warm and caring individual. Izabell speaks quietly and calmly in any situation. She also enunciates each word perfectly, no matter the language she is speaking at the time. Haggling requires a DC 25 Wisdom (Persuasion). She always says, “My prices are set. They are what they are.”


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