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Kobold Quarterly #21 Now Available

Kobold Quarterly #21 Now Available

KQ 21 coverGods and demons are a vital part of the swords and sorcery genre – as are their followers. Conan battles evil priests while swearing, “By Crom!” Elric surges into combat promising blood and souls for his divine patron Arioch. Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser often find themselves pawns in the schemes of Nehwon’s conniving gods.

Kobold Quarterly #21 delves into the roles played by the divine in your campaign, featuring David “Zeb” Cook on using mystery cults in your game, Tim and Eileen Connors on soul-shredding clerical dilemmas, Marc Radle’s new shaman base class for Pathfinder RPG, and an ecology of the succubus with new feats, powers and traits for D&D.

KQ #21 also features official Pathfinder Society content, robber knights and vile wizards, new Zobeck and Midgard articles, and alchemists, druids, illusions, and seers for the AGE System – and a sultry pinup cover by Kieran Yanner!

The complete contents are after the jump:

  • The Shaman by Marc Radle
  • Daughters of Lilith by Sersa Victory
  • It’s a Mystery by David “Zeb” Cook
  • Clerical Conflicts by Tim & Eileen Connors
  • Divine Archetypes by Stefen Styrsky
  • A Background in Magic by Rodrigo Garcia Carmona
  • Nine Treasures of Deep Midgard by Nicholas Milasich
  • Saints of Mavros by Christina Stiles
  • The Scriveners of Allain by Brian A. Liberge
  • White Tongue, Black Heart by David Schwartz
  • The Shadow Lodge Insurgency by Nicholas Gray
  • Why No Monotheism? by Steve Winter
  • Fun Happens Here: A Conversation with Bill Slavicsek by Jeremy L. C. Jones
  • Ask the Kobold by Skip Williams
  • Free City of Zobeck: Deadly Tolls and Honest Challenges by Wolfgang Baur
  • d20 Monkey by Brian Patterson
  • 10’x 10′ Toon by Stan!

Pick up Kobold Quarterly #21 in print or in PDF at the Kobold Store!

3 thoughts on “Kobold Quarterly #21 Now Available”

  1. Not a dumb question at all! The succubus article is around 7 pages long, with one and a half pages of that devoted to 4e crunch. There’s plenty in it you can use in Pathfinder or any fantasy RPG.

  2. That Ecology is, however, linked to the 4e version of the succubus. For Pathfinder, it would apply more to the erinyes, but it’s really strong, evocative material regardless.

    (And thus, the great Succubus Schism comes home to roost.)

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