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Shops of Zobeck: The Kariv’s Apothecary

Shops of Zobeck: The Kariv’s Apothecary

The Kariv’s Apothecary

A small scratchy voice calls out to you, “Welcome stranger! Do you need some help traversing these busy streets? If you do, I am your guide: Black-Eye! Hop aboard, and please, allow me to show you around this magnificent city. If you are looking for anything in particular, do not hesitate to ask.”

Looking at this curious kobold and then looking at his rickety cart, you wonder if it will manage on these streets. You shrug and climb aboard. Beaming with delight, Black-Eye smiles and ushers the cart forward. Guiding the cart and mule down the streets, he motions to different points of interest: inns, taverns, buildings of political important, gambling houses, and bakeries, all manner of shops and business. Up ahead, one place catches your eye, the Kariv’s Apothecary. Calling out to Black-Eye to stop here so you might hop off, you toss him a gold or two in thanks and head toward the shop. From behind, you hear an excited friendly voice shout, “That is a fine choice! Tell Myrieem that Black-Eye says hello!” Turning back and nodding in his direction, you head to the Apothecary.

Outside the Apothecary: In the center of the shop is a purple wooden door flanked by two large, oval stained glass windows. Dangling above the door is a deep-rose wooden sign with a potion bottle, herbs, and an eye in the center. The walls are painted with shining vibrant colors: red, blue, yellow, and orange, dashed with splashes of purple and gold. The bright colors reflect the sun, forcing you to squint as you approach. A small bell rings as the door opens, announcing new customers.

Inside the Apothecary: There is a hint of sandalwood that permeates the air as you enter. The walls are draped in red and purple velvet trimmed with gold. The far back wall is covered with a large tapestry depicting a woman standing in front of the sun with a glowing eye in the center of her forehead. A dark, ornately crafted counter sits at the far end of the room. The right wall is lined with matching wooden shelves, filled with herbs held together with twine; potion bottles of varying hues fill the remaining shelves, some labeled in different languages and symbols. In the far back right corner of the room, there is a small, round table covered in a gold and purple cloth with two wooden chairs pushed underneath. Behind the counter, there is a very pale human woman with platinum hair. A soft, sweet voice asks you, “Have you come to purchase something? I have herbs used for medicine, potions of all kinds, or do you seek to have your fortune laid before you by the gods?”

Apothecary Owner: Myrieem Yulan’Rhal is an herbalist, potion maker, and fortune teller! Growing up in Zobeck has allowed her to gather many bits of useful information. In her time as a shop owner, she has encountered many individuals seeking to have their futures told. Never having the desire to leave the city, she enjoys living vicariously through the tales of adventurers and merchants. Her good nature is a reliable part of her business, which she uses to her advantage when she believes it will prove profitable. She truly can read fortunes, seeing aspects of the lives she encounters, and specializes in tarot card readings and omen bones. She loves to purchase items of rarity that match her specialty and is willing to trade information if the price is right.

Current Inventory

The wares rotate regularly as new inventory comes in, but the following is characteristic of the shop’s usual goods.

  • (2) potion of healing: 250 gp
  • (1) potion of greater healing: 350 gp
  • (1) potion of heroism: 1,000 gp
  • (1) potion of fire breath: 750 gp
  • (1) healing salve (2 applications, 1d4 per application): 200 gp
  • (1) neutralize poison remedy: 750 gp
  • (1) basilisk’s stone remedy (removes paralysis): 1,250 gp

(GM Note: Myrieem is a great NPC to give your adventurers bits of information, nudge them in one way or another. Or, if you are feeling nefarious, you can use her to guide them in a more sinister path.)


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  1. Yeah, I definitely like the vibes this place gives off. I think my players will find the shop and its shopkeeper intriguing. Thanks!

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