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One of the biggest and best RPG bloggers, Uncle Bear, recently took a look at the Dwarves of the Ironcrags book. It seems to have hit the mark:

As I was scribbling in my purple dragonskin notebook, rejecting and crossing off ideas almost as quickly as I can come up with them, Wolfgang Baur apparently read my mind. That’s the sign of a good game designer, he anticipates your needs before you’ve even identified them….I already know what kind of fantasy game I want to run: an all-dwarves game.

Wolfgang cements that idea into my head with his introduction, which covers the history of dwarves in fiction and mythology, from ancient Egypt to Norse mythology, from Tolkien through today. I’m sold, and there’s plenty to work with.

You can read the whole review, and pick up a copy of the book as a PDF or in print.

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