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Review of Tales of Zobeck

Review of Tales of Zobeck

I wasn’t sure how the release of Tales of Zobeck to the wider public would go over. If this review is anything to judge by, though, it was the right move.

Let me just say that this is one well-deserved [Silver ENnie] award, and this ebook should go to the top of your list of purchases. I haven’t written reviews in a while, and I’m still reading through the book, but I was so impressed with what I’ve read so far that I wanted to tell others about it.

… I’m an adventure junkie and a continuing fan of 3.5, so the purchase of this ebook was a no-brainer for me. Luckily, it delivers in spades.

Read the full review on Christina Stiles’ blog, where she discusses “Plague of Shadows” and “Madman at the Bridge” in particular. Or pick up Tales of Zobeck right here.

5 thoughts on “Review of Tales of Zobeck”

  1. Hah! Thanks for posting that.

    I’m happy that people are digging the project, and I’m honored that I got to pen the lead-in adventure, especially given the sheer talent of the other authors involved. It was an awesome project to be involved with.

    As to the review though – what’s wrong with obscenely high DC checks? PCs’ failures and the tears it brings are like mother’s milk to me.

    That’s normal right? :)

  2. Christina Stiles

    I might be crazy, but I like my PCs to succeed every now and then. :) I very much like the adventure, though. Good work, indeed. Can’t wait to spring it on some players.


  3. Christina Stiles

    Most of the high checks were Open Lock checks, which aren’t really fear-inspiring checks, though. Also, I thought it odd to that there was one instance of a required DC 25 Diplomacy check, but the equivalent Intimidate check was 15. As someone who likes to play bards (annoying ones, of course), that’s just wrong! :)

    But, the DC checks are a small, subjective quibble, as I noted in the review. To each his/her own. When I run it, I’ll lower a few of them. That change, IMO, won’t detract from the adventure at all. The meat is in the on-going stituation, after all, not the locked doors.

    Thanks to both of you for reading my review. I’m really impressed with your work.


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