Shops of Zobeck

Shops of Zobeck: The Kariv’s Apothecary

The Kariv’s Apothecary A small scratchy voice calls out to you, “Welcome stranger! Do you need some help traversing these busy streets? If you do, I am your guide: Black-Eye! Hop aboard, and please, allow me to show you around this magnificent city. If you are looking for anything in particular, do not hesitate to …

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Shops of Zobeck: The Emporium

Wandering the busy streets of Zobeck, you stagger and bustle past many a merchant stall and peddler’s cart—so many different shops lining the streets!—and all sorts of strange and wondrous wares. Zobeck attracts merchants and customers of all types: rich, poor, and everything in between. This city is among the most prosperous, sitting at a …

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