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RPG Blog Carnival August: Magic

RPG Blog Carnival August: Magic


The Kobold Blog has been given the esteemed privilege of hosting the RPG Blog Carnival for the month of August. (And honestly, I got all excited about what we would be publishing that I forgot to post the month’s intro on the 1st of the month. What you’re reading right now! I accept full responsibility for that gaffe. But it’s okay because I’ll just zap myself back in time with magic. That’s totally how this all works and right on theme. Because…) MAGIC! That’s what this month is about.

If you’re new to the Carnival, you can visit the archives at Johnn Four’s Roleplaying Tips.

So during August, we’ll be your host. We chose the topic—MAGIC!—and you, should you feel so inclined, can contribute (and you really, really should, even if only a little bit—or maybe while you’re at Gen Con!). All you have to do is link to your themed article in the comments below. And then, at the end of August, I’ll write a short compilation article gathering all those submissions. So give me lots of great fodder. And have fun!

The Secret word is MAGIC

There are few things as iconic in RPGs as magic. It’s a vital component of nearly all “fantasy” RPGs and even figures prominently in many “sci-fi” games. It is the ability to make the impossible a reality. Sometimes it’s super dangerous, requiring great sacrifice, and sometimes it’s just knowing the right words to say. Sometime you have to train for years just learn simple spells, and sometimes it’s in your blood, coming out as naturally as your breath. Sometimes it comes directly from you, and sometimes it comes from items, gods, the very fabric of reality. There are so many different ways to bring about the impossible.

Over the next month, the Kobold Blog will be exploring this with a series of articles introducing new magic items to 5E. Each article will feature a new set of items based on different types of magic, such as a set themed on necromancy, another on dragons, and others.

We would love it if you would join us and make August all about magic. Now, that could be anything, but I’ve come bearing ideas should you be interested. So for instance, I’ve always been a sucker for the varieties of magic available, the accoutrements, and the details of practice:

  • Variety: themed magic items, subscools of magic, magical subsystems, different techniques (such as reading from tomes, perhaps at the cost of sanity, or performing ritually with others to bring about change, or interacting with objects), different sources of power (such as gods, nature, ley lines, the planets, abstract ideas, aliens, or self)
  • Accoutrements: books, words, symbols, wands, tarot cards, phylacteries, familiars, crystal balls, reagents, robes, hand signs, so many things that have had connections to magic throughout history (both realspace and gamespace), wizarding schools
  • Practical Magic: maybe you have some historical insights into realspace magic or a breakdown of how magic has been use in gamespace
  • Or maybe you’re going to Gen Con, in which case you should totally take pictures of wizards and let us know about actual magic gameplay from your games and any other con magic—just link in the comments to your magic

It’s time for the Month of Magic!

22 thoughts on “RPG Blog Carnival August: Magic”

  1. Hi Kobolds,

    Thanks for hosting the latest round of the Blog Carnival. I found your choice of topic very helpful, as it gave me an excuse to address one of the shortcomings of my current campaign.

    In my first contribution, I explored the reasoning behind using small magic bundles as part of Common Magic spells. While normally associated with animism, these bundles of objects offer story opportunities, as well as a chance to reinforce the importance of runes in my setting:


    My plan is to return to this topic for a second essay, which presents a set of random tables for generating the contents of the bundle.

    Happy Gaming

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