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Shades of Magic: To the Stars

Shades of Magic: To the Stars

Between the terrestrial realms of Midgard and the endless darkness of the Realms Beyond lie the stars. The stars of Midgard shine with power, sharing with their myriad servants and guardians. Among these are the star bearers and star elves, and these servants and others are often all that lie between Midgard and the consuming madness of the Endless Void. These celestial beings dwell in crystal cities and castles that orbit Midgard and nearby suns. The paths, portals, and magics the ancient elves used to travel beyond Midgard have been (mostly) lost to time. Still, some celestial magics and magic items have made it to the terrestrial realms, and a few examples are given below.

Dust of the Comet

Wondrous item, rare, does not require attunement

This radiant dust is found in silver phials marked with celestial runes. When tossed on the crown of a humanoid’s head, the creature is granted an aura of vitality, as per the spell, for 5 minutes. If thrown in the face of a shadow-imbued creature or undead creature, it does 3d6 points of radiant damage. If the target creature makes a DC 15 Dexterity save, it takes only half damage.

Radiance Bomb

Wondrous item, rare, does not require attunement

These small apple-sized globules are made from a highly reflective silver material and have a single golden rune etched on them. When the rune is spoken aloud, the bomb is armed, and when it then strikes a hard surface, it explodes and gives off a burst of radiant energy that does 4d6 radiant damage to any creature within a 10-foot radius. Any affected creature that makes a successful DC 15 Dexterity saving throw takes only half damage.

Skull of the Ancient Star Mariner

Wondrous item, legendary, requires attunement by a sorcerer, warlock or wizard

This silvered and gem-encrusted skull of an ancient star bearer grants a number of powers to an attuned spellcaster: You can counterspell any darkness spell cast by any creature that is not a deity without expending one of your spell slots, one time between each short rest. You can read any written language or rune. You can use one of the following powers for the length of your concentration between short rests: Darkvision, Ethereal Vision (see into the Ethereal Plane), See Invisible (each has a range of 30 feet). Once per week, between sunrise and sunset, you can use the skull to contact star bearer royalty and duplicate the effects of a contact other plane or commune spell (your choice).

Staff of the Stars

Staff, legendary, requires attunement by a sorcerer, warlock or wizard

This 5-foot crystalline rod is covered with celestial runes and topped by a large amethyst. The staff has 10 charges and regains 1d3 charges every dawn. The wielder, once attuned, can use the following spell-like powers, expending the number of charges indicated: dancing lights, light or color spray (one charge each), continual flame or scorching ray (2 charges each), fire shield (3 charges), sunbeam (4 charges), prismatic spray (6 charges), sunburst or prismatic wall (8 charges). If all the charges are expended, the amethyst turns black, the staff shatters, and is destroyed forever.

Star Bearer Bubbles

Wondrous item, rare, does not require attunement

These filmy bubbles are each about the size of a large watermelon and are given to the terrestrial allies of Star Bearers They are designed to protect terrestrial mortals from the rigors of outer space. When placed on the head of a Small, Medium, or Large humanoid creature, the bubble spreads to cover the creature’s entire body with a thin, breathable layer of air inside the film. A creature so encapsulated can survive the vacuum of space, the depths of the ocean, and ignore the effects of toxic gases until the air inside is used up. The air lasts for up to 36 hours for a Small creature, 24 hours for a Medium creature, and 12 hours for a Large creature. The bubble also grants the protection of the mage armor spell while worn. After the air supply expires, the film and its protections dissolve into nothingness. There are very rare versions that have additional protections and enchantments, such as aura of life, continual flame, fly, or tongues. These versions require attunement.

Star Bearer Crystal

Wondrous item, very rare, requires attunement

These large, clear, quartzite crystals are encrusted with minute celestial runes and allow an attuned wielder to summon a star bearer for up to one hour, once per day. Use the statistics of a spined devil, but lawful neutral instead of lawful evil. If the star bearer is killed, the crystal shatters and becomes useless. It is rumored that if one were to attach six or more of these together and cap them with an amethyst from a void dragon’s hoard, they would become a staff of the stars.



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