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Magic Carnival Wrap-Up

August’s RPG Blog Carnival was all about Magic. What’s awesome about magic? Why do we love it so? How do we bring more of the impossible to our table? Magic! Many a spell slinger brought an assortment of magics to chat about: We at the Kobold Blog throw a series of thematic 5E magic items your way with Shades of Magic. Alan Kellogg (of Mythusmage Today) gives insights on magic and how to present it in your game: Part I and Part II....

RPG Blog Carnival August: Magic

Magic The Kobold Blog has been given the esteemed privilege of hosting the RPG Blog Carnival for the month of August. (And honestly, I got all excited about what we would be publishing that I forgot to post the month’s intro on the 1st of the month. What you’re reading right now! I accept full responsibility for that gaffe. But it’s okay because I’ll just zap myself back in time with magic. That’s totally how this...

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