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Dirty Jobs: Parent

Parenthood Hervard the Steady was one of the greatest wizards of his time: a capable adventurer and a renowned university lecturer. Intelligence and perseverance made him a great wizard; generosity and patience made him a great teacher. And he had great talent for divination. Legend has it that on his last day of life at […]

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Dirty Jobs: Brewer

“Do you want the job or not? You got pretty good qualifications, but I won’t lie to you—there’s a lot of guys just as qualified right behind you.” Jerfren had, in fact, lied at least three times already in their short conversation. Merippik had been counting The first lie was that the job paid well.

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Dirty Jobs: Gravedigger

A necromancer’s apprentice, Akamai was exceedingly bright, and his master was having none of it. The bitter old man constantly sent the youth on corpse-finding duty in the hopes that he would become bored and quit. It’s a long tale, but the upshot is that Akamai had a long and fruitful career after his master’s nervous breakdown. As the paladin Meladar was

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