Preview of Tome of Beasts: Selang

Preview of Tome of Beasts: Selang


“Weird, ear-bending harmonies on alien pipes.”

Why am I not surprised that Azathoth’s pipers are fey?

Tome-of-Beasts-SelangThis monster hates you! Or rather, it loves to bring you pain. (We’re not ready to be a tribute yet!) The selang was designed for mana-blasted wastelands, deep, whispering groves, and stony deserts haunted by ghosts. Ghosts that hate you. And the selang and their pipes are back, as the Tome of Beasts is BACK IN PRINT at the Kobold Press store.

Where do the selang come from? Designer Adam Roy says, “The selang is a dark, twisted mutation of the normally carefree saytr. They are encountered in places corrupted by dark fey magicks or twisted alien aberrations. They take cruel pleasure in luring unsuspecting travelers to their doom or bringing hapless victims to their dark masters as tribute.”

Wax in ears, check. WHAT? YOU SAY SOMETHING? This and hundreds of other monsters are available right now from Kobold Press!

The pipes, the pipes, are calling!

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