A Gallery and Last Call

A Gallery and Last Call

Last day of the Open Design 5th anniversary sale, we’re stumbling around a bit. The looting has been intense, we’re out of stock on some things, and yet… A few artists also brought presents: pictures of Jiro!

So here’s the gallery of additional artist takes on Jiro the kobold, as done in fine style by Open Design artists Kieran Yanner, Pat Loboyko, Allison Theus, and a larger version of the one from Christophe Swal that you might have seen in the Courier on Sunday.

Yes, Kieran Yanner did this red one, though he made us promise to say it’s incomplete. Small and fierce, even a little devilish, and I think of it as Jiro’s evil twin. I’m very fond of it, and if Kieran does a final, we’ll be sure to circulate that in the Courier.

The others are behind the jump, four very different takes on the Sharp-Dressed Kobold.

The Glory of Black and White
Allison Theus just killed with the classic look of black and white in Tales of the Old Margreve, and this shows why.

Jiro’s leaping, halfway into kicking someone’s ass, just a flowing master of movement. I think he’s clearly summoning up something. Given that he’s a kobold, it’s probably just a magic missile, but damn, he makes it look good.

Under Dark Wings
This one is from Pat Loboyko, who has done a lot of Open Design covers, including the upcoming Streets of Zobeck and classics like a certain wererat from Kobold Quarterly #4, in the “Gangs of Zobeck” article, and others I remember with a shudder, like the Ecology of the Vampire from Kobold Quarterly #11.

Jiro the Kobold by Pat LoboykoPat’s sketch shows Jiro in motion, stepping forward with determination. Are those flying reptilians overhead friendly? Maybe… Jiro doesn’t seem bothered either way.

I like his confident pose. That’s Open Design moving into the next 5 years. We’ve got our confidence and have some big plans. Time to make those real.

Birthday Wishes
Kobold Birthday by Christophe SwalThis one is by the talented and humorous Christophe Swal, the talented fellow whose covers have graced all but one of the Advanced Feats series. In all the anniversary excitement you might have missed it, but we just released the Inquisitor’s Edge. I loved it, but then the lone wolf bad ass inquisitor class makes me want to play it pretty much immediately.

I digress. Though he draws a fine badass inquisition, Christophe also has a great touch for lighter pieces. This birthday cake still makes me smile.

So tell me, what’s your favorite art from Open Design’s first 5 years?

4 thoughts on “A Gallery and Last Call”

  1. I’m partial, of course, but the classic Jiro still stands out. It is both just a nice piece of art, but also goes to show the strength of Open Design – a simple NPC suggested by a patron* and Wolfgang took the idea and built it into something truly iconic.

    I’ll have to look through my books and magazines to see other pieces of artwork stand out.

    But keep up the great work, and I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already!

    * Yes that patron was me, and Jiro was based on a PC of mine. Like I said, I’m biased. :)

  2. The B&W sketch artist from Empire of the Ghouls – his Fungal Forest and Cloaker Attack felt like they jumped off a page from the original DMG.

    Plus, the angel from KQ #3 always has a special place in my heart (and on my desktop).

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