Tome of Beasts: Eonic Drifter

The air crackles and lights flicker in the ruins. In a whirl of colorful robes, the drifter materializes from the unfathomable maelstroms of time. His eyes scan the hall in panic, anticipating the terrible revelations of yet another era.

Boneshard Shaman

Among the dust-goblin tribes of the Wasted West, there exist some with traditions calling for certain tribal elders, spirit callers, and witch doctors to carry out enigmatic rituals among the wraith-haunted vales of the Flensing Gulch. Those who return, return changed—somehow less than alive, altered by deranged sacraments and the abhorrent, necrotic magicks of the wraiths …

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The Cailleach Bhéara (or the Blue Hag)

The elder witch of the winds and winters leans on a twisted, bird-headed staff. A monstrous, emaciated fey, it wanders mountain heights and craggy highland moors, reveling in the appetites and agonies of frost and famine. The Blue Hag’s gaunt yet towering frame is draped in rough, woolen shawls and tattered plaids. Its frostbitten skin …

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Preview of Tome of Beasts: Selang

“Weird, ear-bending harmonies on alien pipes.” Why am I not surprised that Azathoth’s pipers are fey? This monster hates you! Or rather, it loves to bring you pain. (We’re not ready to be a tribute yet!) The selang was designed for mana-blasted wastelands, deep, whispering groves, and stony deserts haunted by ghosts. Ghosts that hate you. And the …

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Preview of Tome of Beasts: Loxoda

There’s a reason why kobold mine entrances are so small. I mean, who wants to get stepped on in their own mine? Is that an ogre? Or an elephant? Yup. Meet the loxoda. They trample, stomp, and maul, and they’re huge. And they come in herds. Huge trampling herds! This was designed by Ryan Shatford with art by Bryan Syme for the Tome …

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Preview of Tome of Beasts: Mithral Dragon

As we kobolds are fond of joking: “Dragon!!!” But seriously, mithral? Where’s the candy floss dragon? Like staying alive isn’t hard enough already. The mithral dragon spits metal shards. That’s how badass [and completely metal \m/] they are. This  shiny partykiller was originally designed by Mike McArtor and updated to 5E for the Tome of Beasts by Chris Harris with art …

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Preview of Tome of Beasts: Flab Giant

We kobolds have a saying: “When a giant’s in the mines, workday’s over.” The flab giant is not someone you want to stop and ask directions from. It only wants you for one out of a handful of possible reasons… and none of them are good. This walking mountain was originally designed by Ryan Costello, Jr. and updated to …

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Howling Tower: Monster Stats, Part 4

This installment, you get a break from graphs and formulas—though not entirely. In honor of Thanksgiving, I had to include some pie charts. Instead of plotting trends, however, this time we count how often certain concepts occur throughout the Monster Manual, to help you get a handle on whether they’re common, uncommon, or rare. Before …

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Monster Philosophy

We’ve been very pleased with the positive reaction to the Tome of Beasts previews, even—maybe even especially—when readers point out places where we’ve added numbers incorrectly or overlooked a modifier. In a few cases, however, readers have called out features as errors that we don’t consider errors at all. Instead, they’re cases where our philosophy …

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Tome of Beasts: Fantasy Grounds Announcement

Fantasy Grounds Support for Tome of Beasts and Book of Lairs Big news for 5e players on Fantasy Grounds: Kobold Press and Smiteworks LLC are bringing Tome of Beasts and the Book of Lairs to the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop! Want to back just the Fantasy Grounds versions? We’re adding three new pledge levels to …

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