Preview of Tome of Beasts: Rime Worm

Preview of Tome of Beasts: Rime Worm

Tome-of-Beasts-Rime-WormsDo you know what it’s like to clean up “ice and rotting flesh” from the mines? And nothing ever really gets that smell out. I mean, it just gets in your nose, and you just keep smelling it everywhere you go. Bleccch!

As far as guard dogs go, you really can’t beat massive elementals that fling ice and death. And even rime worm grubs are nasty! This  burrowing beastie was updated to 5E for the Tome of Beasts by Jon Sawatsky with art by Marcel Mercado.

Jon Sawatsky says, “There were three things I loved about the rime worms from 4th Edition. First, the chilling aura. I added a bit of necrotic into the mix cause I like dead things. Second, I liked that there were different challenges offered for each stage of the rime worm’s life cycle (death cycle? deathcicle!). Lastly, I loved the word “clews” to describe their colonies—gross. Deathcicles, errr rime worms coming at you this summer!”

Deathcicles, indeed, Jon. Maybe just some hot tea for me. This and hundreds of other monsters will be available very soon from Kobold Press.

You can order the Tome of Beasts now!

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