Preview of Tome of Beasts: Loxoda

Preview of Tome of Beasts: Loxoda


There’s a reason why kobold mine entrances are so small. I mean, who wants to get stepped on in their own mine?

Is that an ogre? Or an elephant? Yup. Meet the loxoda. They trample, stomp, and maul, and they’re huge. And they come in herds. Huge trampling herds! This was designed by Ryan Shatford with art by Bryan Syme for the Tome of Beasts.

Ryan Shatford says, “The loxoda fill a niche for savage, physically powerful yet surprisingly intelligent brutes. Their xenophobia and great strength make them an incredible threat to any inquisitive adventurers who expect them to be easily duped.”

I’m just gonna stay here underground where there is a lot less trampling going on. This and hundreds of other monsters are available right now from Kobold Press.

You can order the Tome of Beasts now!

6 thoughts on “Preview of Tome of Beasts: Loxoda”

    1. Yes, the hardcover is currently sold out in the Kobold Store. You can pick it up from Amazon, Paizo, or your local game store.

  1. Frankly (and not to sound too mercenary,) I think that is stupendous news.
    “Sold Out” is powerful language, regardless of which end of the telescope you may be peering through.
    It speaks….volumes.

  2. I tried picking this up over the U.S. holiday weekend (Labor Day) off the Kobold Store and saw that it was sold out. That is amazing!

    I wandered over to my FLGS (I had ordered a Warmachine rule book) and lo and behold it was in the store.

    Great addition to the 5e line and I look forward to using some of the beasties in the future!

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