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Tome-of-Beasts-Mithral-DragonAs we kobolds are fond of joking: “Dragon!!!” But seriously, mithral? Where’s the candy floss dragon? Like staying alive isn’t hard enough already.

The mithral dragon spits metal shards. That’s how badass [and completely metal \m/] they are. This  shiny partykiller was originally designed by Mike McArtor and updated to 5E for the Tome of Beasts by Chris Harris with art by Guido Kuip.

Chris Harris says, “Mithral dragons are the ambassadors and peacemakers of their kind, with enough natural protection to survive negotiations with their cousins. Those in the world of Midgard are valuable allies in the fight against the expansionist Mharoti Dragon Empire.”

Sure, Chris: ambassadors. And when they get hungry? I’ll just let you do the talking.

This and hundreds of other monsters will be available very soon from Kobold Press.

You can pre-order the Tome of Beasts now!

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