Dice of Doom Contest: The Winner

dice-of-doomAnd the Winner Is…

The winner of our Dice of Doom contest, the gamer with the bragging rights to Best Kobold Dice Pic of 2016™, the roller that Kobold fans all over the world voted for, and the one that will be winning even more dice because of it…

Cliff Newman!

*Kermit arms*


Congratulations! May your new dice never fail you.

And just for fun, here are a few pics of our own dice, so you can see how kobolds roll in the mines:








4 thoughts on “Dice of Doom Contest: The Winner”

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    Thank you so much! I really sincerely appreciate the support! I spent hours building a set, taking that picture, and editing. It was a blast!


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    Congrats Cliff!!!

    Thanks Calvin! That’s not all my dice, but the pic definitely shows off some of my favorite sets :)

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    I seem to remember there being more than the jade or opal sets for the contests. Do the runners up receive anything? If not, I’m more than fine with it. I just had fun competing. Next year I’ll use the idea that I had AFTER I sent in this year’s entry… lol

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