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Monday Monster: the Lyeflesh Zombie

The blackened mass of dead flesh and charred bone standing before you was human . . . once. The reek of burnt sinew, scorched flesh and smoking hair hangs heavy about the thing’s lank frame, nauseating those who inhale its stench. A patchwork of immolated flesh, the color of greasy tar, hangs over its decaying …

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Passionate about Gaming? Listen to Podcasts

If you are passionate about the gaming hobby: feed your passion with gaming podcasts. How often do you game? Twice a week? Once? One a month? When you find those few short hours just do not satisfy scratch your gaming itch, you probably do other stuff – make characters, write campaign notes, visit forums, etc. …

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Kobold Diplomacy: Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

If you don’t know who Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman are, … well, I’m not sure why you’re here at Kobold World Central. They’re the creative duo behind the Dragonlance novels, and they kindly consented to an interview with Jeremy Jones in this audio segment. [audio:https://koboldpress.com/audio/diplomacy001.mp3] They discuss humor, character origins, collaboration, and much more. …

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Ask the Kobold: Undead and Constitution

Skip Williams is one of the designers of 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons. He’s also a regular columnist for Kobold Quarterly. We ran out of room in the upcoming issue for his Ask the Kobold column, so we’re running those questions here on the site, together with Skip’s insights on game design decisions. Enjoy! QUESTION: …

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Tuesday Traps: the Price of Greed

Not all traps are deadly, some are just insidious. The kobolds of Zobeck have long since grown weary of manlings stealing away their carefully mined silver. To discourage the big folk, a consortium of devious kobolds versed in clockworks and alchemy recently created a substance called “Silverlust” to trap their silver troves with, an alchemical …

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Monday Monster: Skinned Tom

Etowah, TN (WKQ News): Investigators from the Tennessee State Police are investigating yet another brutal murder in the isolated area known to local youth as Lover’s Lane. As in the previous three cases over past two months, the woman was stabbed once in the abdomen, while the male was gruesomely skinned alive. Police aren’t releasing …

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Tales of Zobeck, and Future Projects

Ladies and gentlemen, the cover to the Tales of Zobeck Gazetteer. Given that this Open Design project is packed with the details of the clockwork city and related adventures featuring devils, plagues, and yes, clockwork foes, I couldn’t be happier. The artist is Malcolm McClinton, and if you stick around, you will more from him. …

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Monsters: Spring-Heeled Jack

London, UK (WKQ – London News): The investigation of the vicious attacks on Samantha Grey, 27, and Catherine Hulme, 32, last week in Greenwich has taken a strange turn. Their mysterious assailant, dubbed the “Leaping Man,” is now believed to be re-enacting the Spring-Heel Jack mystery of the 1800s. In related news, Professor Robert Enthel …

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Interview: Harley Stroh

Harley Stroh mostly writes adventures—good old, down and dirty dungeon crawls reminiscent of the AD&D modules of yesteryear. His scenarios feature vengeful rat kings, bat-riding goblins, and twisted, giggling evil gnomes who worship the eldritch crystal that deformed them. In a Stroh adventure, there are plenty of new monsters, exotic magic items, and more than …

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Interview with James Jacobs

James Jacobs is the editor-in-chief of Paizo Publishing’s Pathfinder line. Over the years, he has worked as the associate and later the managing editor of Dungeon magazine. He’s been the developer, lead designer, the guy who adds material here and there, and even the cartographer on projects for Bastion Press, Green Ronin Publishing, Wizards of …

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