Sample Witch’s Feat: Familiar Concentration

Sample Witch’s Feat: Familiar Concentration

cat familiarHalloween came early at, when loyal reader Charles knocked on our door and asked for a treat. Specifically, he hoped we’d share one of the 30 new feats for the witch character class in Sigfried Trent’s Advanced Feats: The Witch’s Brew.

No need to punish us with a trick, Charles—here, for your pleasure, is a potent new feat called Familiar Concentration…

Familiar Concentration

Your familiar can concentrate on spells for you.

Prerequisite: Class ability granting a familiar

Benefit: When you cast a spell that normally requires your concentration to maintain, you can let your familiar do the concentrating for you if it is within 5 ft. of you at the time of casting. Your familiar must remain within 5 ft. of you while concentrating to maintain your spell; otherwise, your familiar’s concentration is automatically broken. To maintain a spell, the familiar must have an Intelligence score of 5 + the level of the spell or higher.  The familiar may only concentrate on one spell at a time.

Commentary—This is a potentially powerful use for a familiar in combat, but it can also draw the attention of your enemies to the familiar, so it is not without its risks.

From now on, when we announce a new Advanced Feats book, we’ll be sure to provide a tasty sample. Enjoy! Just don’t spoil your dinner.

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